Phew.  Today was my first double-digit long run since my marathon.  As awful as my runs have been since the race I was not sure that I would make it, but it went OK.  Mostly my lungs were still in rough shape from the cold/allergy garbage I've been fighting for 2 weeks.  My legs are still feeling pretty stiff and heavy, too.

Today wasn't a particularly nice day for my return to "long" runs.  It was cold, windy, dreary...with a few of those weird snow "pellets" in the air...the stuff that looks like little balls of styrofoam.  My butt and hooha got a bit cold wearing thermal tights commando, too.  I have got to find a pair of warmer tights (NB makes a new "windblocker" tight, but it's $75--ow) and/or start wearing an additional layer to keep my nether regions warmer.  I have given up on wearing undies, since I have yet to find a style that doesn't have seams that leave bloody welts on my behind.

I am so not ready for Winter running... :(


  1. let me know if you find a decent priced heavy tight. I need to get some too, but don't want to shell out $75.

    I ran outside in below freezing temps on Monday night! A huge victory for this wimp. I usually TM-it all winter, but that tends to lead me into slackerdom, so this year I'm trying to run in the cold (and the dark, which is another story...). We'll see how it goes.

  2. great job on the run!! i remember my first post marathon double digit run... it felt so good to be back up in the higher #s. yay!!

  3. Thanks, Aron! It is kind of a weight off my shoulders, since I will probably max out at 10-11 miles for my long runs over the course of the Winter. Time for some easy months to let my body recovery and re-energize for '09 season.

    Monnik, I'm kind of thinking I will suck it up and buy the $$ tights--though a couple of friends on RA just ordered them, so I want to see what the consensus is. Last year I bought a couple of pairs of cheaper thermal tights that are nice, but only down to maybe 30º, then they just aren't warm enough, especially if there's much wind.