He shoots, he scores!

Last night I took Dane to his first hockey game while his dad worked a stand at the arena (the JDRF group he is affiliated with is able to operate stands for 10% of the profits during a variety of events at the arena).  Our tickets were free, as Dane received a voucher for 2 tickets when he participated in his kids' bike race back in Sept.

The Grand Rapids Griffins won--6 to 3.  Dane was positively enthralled for the entire 2.5 hour game (including 2 18 minute breaks between periods).  It was cool.  Now he wants to go to a hockey game for his 8th birthday in Feb.  We're thinking that would be a lot of fun.  Let him pick a friend to take out for dinner, then the 7pm game.  We'd likely go see the more local IHL team, the Muskegon Lumberjacks, though.  MUCH cheaper for tickets and much closer to home, too.  Just as much excitement.

Today my new tattoo appears to be just barely starting the flaky peeling process.  Yuck.  In a day or two it should start to itch.  Double yuck.  But by this time next week it should be looking pretty awesome, which is nice.  If it's warm enough on the day of my trail race I think I will have to wear a pair of 3/4 length tights to show it off. :D

Got in a 5 miler today...it pretty much sucked.  My lungs are still shot from that cold/allergy crap.  It's really wearing on me.  My legs are still not anywhere near recovered from the marathon, either.  Sheesh.  Tomorrow I *hope* to do 10 miles, but I'm kinda dreading it.  10 miles used to be a relatively easy run, but right now it seems daunting.  Good runs have been few and far between in the past 3 weeks.

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