I got inked!

Yesterday I went and got tattoo #3.  My bestest friend came with and got her first one to mark her first marathon.  She had initially planned to get it on her foot, but the artist and I talked her out of that location and having it placed on the outside of her left ankle, instead.  What's the point of getting a pretty tattoo with 26.2 in the design if no one sees it?  Plus foot tattoos tend to fade fast and are more prone to healing issues--especially for a person who is on their feet a lot.  Eryn is co-owner of a restaurant, so between that and running she tends to be on her feet pretty much any time that she's not sleeping.

Eryn's tattoo is beautiful and I think she may have the body art bug, now! *evil grin*  As soon as hers is well-healed I will have to get her to take a pic and send it to me.  I'll also post photos of mine once it is complete and healed, so the "unveiling" will be probably sometime in late Nov.

My tattoo is incomplete at the moment.  My artist (Chrissy at Area 51 Tattoos in Muskegon, MI--she did my "tramp stamp" mother's knot a few years back, too) underestimated the time it would take to do my tattoo, given how many lines there are.  It's not a big tattoo, but it's quite detailed and has a lot of black, which takes a good deal longer than colored areas.  So yesterday she was able to finish the outlines and black areas and I will return the middle of next month for the colored flame areas.

As much as I don't look forward to a second round of healing (going through the pain, weeping skin, peeling, itching, etc.), it's worth it to have a perfect tattoo in the end, and Chrissy does such gorgeous work with such amazing attention to detail.  Plus I was starting to get to that point where the constant discomfort was starting to grate on me--not just the pain of the tattoo, but also my upper body from laying on my stomach with my head on my hands.  My armpits hurt today...weird.

Today my tattoo is not very uncomfortable, but continues to "weep."  I don't recall either of my previous ones doing that, but they were also both on my back and this one is on my lower calf.  I read a few discussions online of similar experiences from other tattooees, so there must just be some difference in how the skin on the legs heals from abrasions.  

The tattoo also looks a little bit like that puffy paint one can use to write on t-shirts, but it has settled-down as the day goes on.  I can already envision how completely amazing this artwork is going to look once the color is added...it already looks like the flames are just licking at the bottom of my left calf muscle, which is kind of appropriate--I have experienced almost that very sensation during some particularly brutal races.

Speaking of brutal...today my friend, Heather, and I did our first trail run in preparation for our first trail race in 3 weeks.  We had an absolute BLAST!!!  We only went 3 miles, but it felt good.  We didn't really pay any attention to pace, though it was hilarious when I'd look down at my Garmin and holler "hey, we're doing a 20 minute mile!"  
(mi )
M Spd
Man, some of those hills in the park are tough.  Steep, narrow, sandy, slippery, wet, littered with slimy roots...awesome.

I really can't wait for that trail relay next June.  Things are really coming together for that and I think the 6 of us are going to have a fantastic time.  In addition to Heather and I, our team will include Eryn, our buddy Mike "Q" and a local running friend and her hubby.  None of us are "fast," but we're all pretty strong, consistent runners.  We won't win, but I'll bet we're not dead last, either.  This all assumes that our team (Team HTFU) gets a spot.  Teams from previous years get first dibs on one of the 50 team spots, so we would go on the new team waiting list.  An previous teams that don't re-up get bumped for any new teams.  Last I heard there was already one new team on the waiting list, so we're not getting organized too early, by any means.  It's a really popular race and it's full pretty much the day registration opens on 4/1.


  1. any chance you'd want a tag-along for the second half of the tat? i have a couple ideas for my own and i'd love to see what they can do, price, etc.... :D

    what trail did you run thru yesterday? sounds like an absolute blast!

  2. Ooh, that would be fun if you came along with me! What are you doing at 11am that day? Can't wait to see what you are thinking of. I already have ideas of something I want to add to my first little purple dolphin tattoo that I had done when I was 19...eventually.

    We ran on trails in Musk. State Park. Man, they are rough. Not all that well marked and there are lots of random trails to get lost on...not that anyone really could get lost in that park--go far enough in any direction and you'll hit a lake or a road. Lotsa fun.