Indian Summer

Thank you, Mother Nature. You kinda scared us there for a few days. Earlier this week we saw snow and below-freezing temperatures, but yesterday was beautiful (though a bit windy) and today we are supposed to get up to around 60º...perfect for the trick-or-treaters in the Nordic North. Some years we've had to put a layer of sweats on Dane underneath his costume, but this year he should be OK in just a single layer as long as he's moving around plenty (which...he always is).

So we have put Winter off for at least a few more days. Awesome. Today I plan to go run in my half-length tights. I would wear a skirt, but my legs are already taking on that Winter pallor and 60 with 13mph breezes is still kinda chilly to have fully bare legs. I've also acclimated back to wearing long pants and jeans, so now having everything below my butt uncovered feels kinda nekkid. Plus there's the "raw bratwurst" look to my legs...amazing how fast my Summer color reverts back to pudgy, pasty sausage-looking flesh. Yech.

Tomorrow I plan to do another trail run in the park with a local running buddy. Last week we did 3 miles, I think this week we will plan on 4. Such a nice change from running on paved roads and paths. No risk of being hit by a car, no stress about pace, just running for pure effort. Great vantage point to view the remaining colorful leaves.

Still feeling pretty beat up post-marathon...I can't believe how long it's taking me to feel back to strong, again. I'm sure the lingering sinus/respiratory garbage is not helping matters. It's been almost 4 weeks since race day and I don't feel as strong now as I had expected. Hopefully that 1 month mark will be magical.

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