A little something for my running buddies


I'm having a hard time identifying with that piece, unfortunately.  I am still battling sinus/lung gunk, so haven't run in 3 days...not running today, most likely, and tomorrow will be too busy cheering at the Grand Rapids Marathon.

Actually, I may not be cheering so much (thanks to laryngitis...I sound more raspy than Rachel Ray--more like Marge Simpson's chain-smoking sisters) as clanging the cowbell and holding up several different uber-snarky signs (I will take pics and post them after race day, so as not to ruin the surprise for my friends running...muwahahahaha!). ;)

The day after my nice 6 miler in the pouring rain my sinus issues worked their way into my chest, where they spent the following 2 days.  Today my chest is feeling better, but now stuff is back in my sinuses--likely allergies, rather than anything viral, but it still sucks.

Can I say that I'm REALLY dreading Monday's weigh-in?  Not running + eating crap (and too much of it) ≠ weight loss. :(

I'm really looking forward to getting past this cold/allergy/sinus stuff and being able to run well again.  My body is otherwise feeling pretty well recovered from the marathon, so I'm hoping that I can log 25 miles next week and maybe closer to 35 the following--assuming that my respiratory stuff is mostly cleared-up.

On a cheerier note, a funny photo from the past week...I literally laugh out loud every time I look at that! 


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  1. Hey Zoom....right there with ya on the 'crud'. I finally got back in action today but it stinks being down and out!

    Take it easy, I hope it all passes soon!