Yesterday I finally got around to the post-marathon massage that many of my running buddies had been recommending to me.  Oh, man, what a difference it made!  Next time around I will book a massage within the first 2-5 days of recovery, not wait until over a week out.

I made an appt. on Monday with a massage therapist about 45 minutes away who works out of her home.  An online friend of mine is in school to be a massage therapist and recommended this woman.  She charges a mere $35 for a one hour massage.  Well worth the price, considering it's about the same as what I'd pay for only a half-hour session in most spas, salons, or chiropractic practies.

The massage itself was very nice...more of a relaxation massage than anything.  I kind of wished she'd have been a bit more aggressive and spent more time on my legs, but my back and neck muscles really appreciated that extra attention, so it was still very beneficial.  Perhaps next time I'd look into a deep tissue massage.

After she was done she told me that I was pretty stiff in the neck and shoulders and that the soles of my feet were very hard--but that this is normal with most runners.  I wasn't too surprised about either.  My neck is notoriously tight and I often wake with spasms.  I have a hard time turning my head far to the right, which makes checking my blind spot or looking over my right shoulder before crossing a street kinda tough.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening I felt like crap and couldn't get enough fluids to drink--this is pretty standard after a good massage.  A lot of the stuff that contributes to sore muscles gets pushed out as bodily waste.  I got up at least twice during the night to pee--I rarely ever have to get up during the night like that.

But my legs felt fabulous today.  I got in a 6 mile run that finally feels "good," again.  I was starting to wonder if I'd ever feel back to normal, again.  I had wanted to do maybe 7 miles and felt up to it, but at 2.5 miles it was sprinkling and by 3 miles the sky opened up.  So when I stopped my Garmin at 6.23 I was soaked and cold.  Today went so well that I think I may do 8 on Friday and maybe even a few miles on Sat. with Dane along on his bike.  Next week I hope to work up to 25 miles and 5 runs.  Right now I'm taking things pretty easy, especially since I'm dealing with my usual Fall allergy/sinus/cold issues on top of recovering from the race.


  1. ohhhh i am in desparate need of a massage right now. i got one the day after the marathon...the girl did all these stretches on my legs and it HURT! but i think it helped... glad your recovery is going well!

  2. The massage sounds very good. I'll have to treat myself after my half!

  3. Massage is definitely so welcome after any big race. I think I'm going to plan to get one for anything longer than a 10 miler, now. At $35 for an hour it's really worth it.

  4. $35 for an HOUR? What a bargain!!!

    Glad you're feeling better!

  5. Glad you had a run that felt good. I don't know anything about recovering from a marathon (I'm still such a newbie), but I can see how you'd need the massage. It sounds like it helped you a lot. I have the head-turning problem sometimes, and it can be frustrating. Makes driving intresting, too. :-\

    Have a great weekend!