Next on the agenda:

Distances Completed: 5k, 10k, 15k, half-marathon, 25k, marathon.  Next up: trail race.

Yep, in my ever expanding quest to do increasingly stupid things to my body I have set my sights on a trail run on Nov. 15 that is rumored to be pretty challenging, but also really fun (I actually had considered doing it 2 years ago, but didn't really feel ready, then last year I think they didn't hold the event).  

It's been roughly measured at 5.2 miles through a park about 30 minutes away.  It's called "Run with the Cougar," because a few years back there were several sightings of a cougar/puma/mountain lion in the park (a few have been spotted in parts of MI, though they're about as rare as bears this far south and east in the US).

I'm trying to talk a few local friends into doing it with me.  It would be really fun to race with some local running buddies, especially as this would be my first off-road running event.

Today I am on day 2 of marathon recovery.  Feeling pretty good.  Tired, but part of that is still due to not sleeping well.  I am exhausted, but last night kept replaying the race in my head...mostly dwelling on the fun parts, reliving the great moments before and after the race with Eryn and our new running pal, Jeff.  I'm still on a bit of a post-marathon high.  Then this AM I had a hard time sleeping-in since every time I tried to move my legs protested.  Today I am MUCH less sore and think I'm going to really put a major dent in my sleep deprivation overnight.  At least this is the plan. ;)


  1. Hope you catch a ton of Zs tonight. If you need any help falling asleep - you could turn the tv onto the debate right now. It's more back and forth insults than real solutions. Easy way to fall into snorland, for sure. :)

    Can't wait to hear about the trail race. There's a 10K trail race here that I might try to do next year. I'm afraid of it, though. Might break my neck with as clumsy as I tend to be.

  2. Ha, I am SO clumsy. I can't believe I have logged so many miles in the past 2.5 years and never once fallen--not even on ice. *knocks on wood*

    I slept like the dead last night, for about 10 hours. OMG, I feel fabulous today!

  3. i wanna trail run!! where is this at? sounds like a blast!

    how are you feeling almost a week after the big run?

  4. Hoffmaster - you in? I think it sounds like a ton of fun!

    I feel pretty good. Not really sore anymore, just a little stiff. I am still wiped-out, though. I think a lot of it is sinus/allergy issues, though. I have had a bad sinus headache for about 24 hours. Pretty SOP for this time of year.