Oct.: the sado-masochistic month

2.5 weeks ago I brutalized my body by forcing it to endure 26.2 miles in a single morning, tomorrow I go to have tattoo #3 permanently inked on my body.  The tattoo is a MUCH less painful procedure...and faster, too.

By this time tomorrow I will have that sassy-lookin' kitty etched on my lower left calf.  I can't wait!  My last tattoo (I think that was done about 3 years ago) was a mother's knot on my lower back with my son's name and birth date below it.  

My first tattoo was a small purple dolphin and yin-yang symbol on my right shoulder-blade.  That one I had done when I was 19...and really starting to assert my own adult independence.  So each time I've been inked it's marked some significant event or period in my life.  After the marathon I'm not sure what's left.  I have tentative plans to add a pawprint for each subsequent race, eventually building a sort of chain of pawprints around my ankle.

My best friend will also be having a tattoo applied to mark the race we completed.  This will be her first and she plans to have it applied to her left foot, with the # end of things just below the base of her big toe.  I think it's going to look fabulous, though I hear that the foot is about the most painful spot for a tattoo, so I think she may be in for a surprise.

As far as actual runs have gone, I have already run more this week than last, though I skipped out on today's planned 6 miler to get stuff done around the house.  Plus my lungs still don't feel up to snuff and my planned 8 on Tues. was cut back to 7.5, as my body was really whining, so I figured it's better to still take things kind of easy.  Next week I hope to get back to a more standard 30-35 mile training week with 5 days of running.  This week will be 4 runs.  Still hard to believe that 8 miles used to be an easy run.  Now anything in the double-digits sounds daunting.  Everyone says that marathon recovery is serious business, but I had NO idea.  I can't get over how rough it's been getting back into my running groove.

I also didn't want to push myself too much this week, as Saturday I'm planning to get out for my first real trail run.  Eryn (best friend) and Heather will be joining me...we'll probably only do 3-4 miles in a state park nearby.  This is assuming that Eryn can run comfortably with a fresh tattoo on her foot.  It may involve some creative bandaging.

Tomorrow I will plan to do the 6 I would have done today, instead of 4.5.  Then off to the tattoo parlor for my 1pm appt. :D

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