*sings* Walk Like a Zombie...

Man, I am TIRED! I have managed 2 short, EASY runs since the marathon, but the first included a couple of short walk breaks and yesterday's 2.7 miler had originally been planned as a 5 miler, but my body's just not ready for it. I'm wiped-out and my legs felt sort of filled with lead. Plus it's the peak of Fall allergy season and I'm battling that, so the combo's kind of rough. I have felt all week like I'm on the verge of a cold that never sets-in.

I noticed again the formation of a couple of spots of black mold on our bedroom ceiling last night, too (we had a few very rainy days last week), so that could potentially be a factor. I sprayed it with bleach solution before crawling into bed and it faded fast. We'll hopefully be having our roof redone by the end of the month, but how to handle the ceiling drywall removal...not sure. I'm guessing I'm going to need to stay out of the room for a few weeks (we already plan to move our bed into a tiny storage room upstairs) and DH will need to wear a respirator. It could be worth having a professional crew come in to do that, too. That may well be something our homeowner insurance will cover--some companies do, because of the serious health ramifications.

Last night was really fun. A local running friend of mine and I went out for "girls' night out" dinner. We had my race accomplishment to celebrate and she just found a part-time job. I pigged out on a half-rack of ribs and the most awesome creme brulée with strawberries (and a glass of Bell's Oberon beer, of course). It was nice, but by 9pm we were both yawning. We also went and hung out at a fellow running friend's ice cream shop until closing.

Today I have accomplished nothing. I need to at least go around and collect the dirty dishes that have found their way all over the house and maybe put some laundry away (as well as finish unpacking from LAST weekend). Meh...whatevs.

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  1. it's amazing how much a race takes out of a person, huh? I struggled with a recovery recently after a hard-run 10K... I can't even imagine what it would be like to recover from a marathon! Yikes!

    Black mold... that's a shame. Here in FL problems resulting from that stuff are rampant b/c of the chronic moisture content in the atmosphere. I hope it's not affecting your breathing too badly.