Excuse me while I whip this out...

One of the classic scenes from what may be the funniest damned movie of all time...I thought it appropriate given the events of the past 24 hours ("life imitating art" -- thank you, Mel Brooks):

Last night was so memorable and historical...a night I hope I remember 'til the day I die.

Derek and Dane and I went to the classy new smoke-free sports bar in town to watch the events of the evening...right next to the Obama office.  We had a fantastic time. My local lefty runner friend joined us. Derek and Dane left around 10pm so that Dane wouldn't lose too much sleep and Heather and I stayed to watch the speeches. 

The bar was FULL of Obama supporters. The restaurant/bar owner and his adult kids are all Obama voters, so when the volunteers who run the Obama office next door asked if they could direct supporters to the bar to watch the events of the evening they were more than happy to have us there. The place has 6 flatscreen TVs and one 106" projection set. All sets were tuned-in to CNN, MSNBC, and the local NBC affiliate (with sound generally set on CNN or MSNBC). Any direction we looked we could see the returns and projections rolling-in...it was excellent.

The Obama office folks brought balloons, a life-size cardboard Barack, and noise-makers. Dane was having the time of his life...he was yawning, but well-behaved and cheerful. Most of the fellow supporters were retirement age with very few results viewers under the age of 50, which surprised us...but Heather and I figured that a lot of people our age have small kids and stayed home for that reason. The other revelers were thrilled to see Dane watching the returns and cheering for Obama. I hope that Dane will always remember last night--the night that will hopefully turn our nation around.

One woman in the bar was familiar to me. She had a son in preschool with Dane the first year. Ian was Dane's buddy and his mom and I were both very upset 4 years ago when Bush was elected for his second term (ie "fool me once..."). She and I were both thrilled to see the outcome of this election.

I wonder how many sleepy kids there are in school today. Dane was very happy this morning when I told him that Obama won. 3 more elections and he can vote, too.

But what a great night...we're especially happy that proposal 2 passed and Michigan can go ahead with embryonic stem cell research.  Hopefully cures for so many horrible diseases won't be too far behind.  Perhaps someday we can get together with our JDRF friends to simply socialize...without that giant elephant in the room.

I also didn't think I'd live to see a minority in office during my lifetime, but here we are.  Last night was perhaps the most historically important night of my life.  A night that will surely be a turning point in race relations and one that can open the door to equality for women and the election of other persons of minority status to positions of respect and power.


  1. It was a truly great evening - I have never felt so personally invested in any other presidential election!

    How nice that your son got to participate in such a historic moment!

  2. Ditto. I was so nervous yesterday...8 years ago was just another election. 4 years ago pretty much killed my spirit and faith in the process. I feel vindicated.


  3. i tried so hard to stay awake for the long haul last night...eventually though, my body trumped my desire to see it through. Fell asleep with the tv on, and woke around 11ish hearing McCain speaking. Immediately, i tried to make myself figure out what was going on...did he win (many of the red states were closing when i nodded off)? Watched the faces of his audience and realized they were too subdued for a victory reception. Then I saw the crawl on the bottom of the screen, and was just....wow.

    Hannah and I were a team last night waiting for the returns, and she nodded off with me. I promptly woke her up (how she didn't think the house was on fire or some other dire emergency is beyond me!!) and in telling her that Barack did it....it was all over. I spent the next hour a blubbering mess, tears tears tears.

    It was an amazing and magical night, not just in the momentousness of Barack's win, but just in knowing that the book of Bush is officially closed. Time to open a new one, with a fresh shift in perspective...more focus on the little guy. Big buisness has had it good for quite a while, time for the average joe (including the plumbers) to reap the benefits and feel included again.

    I am a little sad though, that with such an overwhelming surge in people sharing the idea that everyone is equal, look beyond the differences to find what unites us, etc, that there is still a great divide and desire to exclude in our country. California's ban on gay marriage (along with a few other states, i believe) was a blow, but the one that really knocked the wind out of me was Arkansas' support of forbidding gay people from adopting children. With soooooo many children caught in a broken foster/adoptive system, to immediately take away oen possibility of a good home definitely is a WTF moment. Being born straight does not a good parent make.

    Was touched this am seeing Sheri Shepard's heart on her sleeve on The View. I can't even sum up how beautiful it was....Obama's victory means so much to so many, but to see how deeply personal and profound it is for the black community...very poetic. ::heart::

    And McCain deserves huge props for his amazing concession speech- there was truly no sense of bitterness...just a man who was understandably disappointed, but was also genuinely happy for his opponent- the hugeness of the night was not lost on his personal desire for the job. Sweet of him to remember and wish that Obama's grandmother could have hung on just a few days more....

    wow. sorry to hijack your blog comments wtih my own rambling...just had to share my perception of the night too.

    a new dawn is arising!

  4. Girl, why aren't you updating your blog? That was beautiful. You so eloquently said what I think a LOT of us are feeling.

    I somehow haven't cried like I expected I would upon Obama winning. I have a feeling the inauguration will bring on the waterworks, though. Just a few more months and we'll truly have a clean slate to start over with.

  5. How great that you all went out to celebrate as a family! My husband is not an Obama supporter, so he went to bed early, but I sat with my kids watching the coverage. My daughter will be 18 when the next election rolls around - I hope she's part of electing Barack to a second term.

    What an amazing night it was. I had goosebumps all night.