I would walk 500 miles...

Or at least 4.5.

Today was the walk-a-thon at my son's school. Traditionally they have done an auction to raise money for the school, but it's a lot of work and it's not really something the kids are as able to take part in. Most items are donated by local businesses and families, then the actual auction is an evening adults-only event. Someone wisely came up with the walk-a-thon idea and I think it's a great success. I don't know what kind of money has already been raised, but it's definitely more kid-friendly and I had a BLAST going along with the kids on the walk. It was a gorgeous day and was in the low 60s when we walked--kind of rare weather for early November in MI.

Speaking of fundraisers, I have pretty much wrapped up my own Girls On The Run fundraising from my marathon race a month ago. I raised a total of $1155--$155 over my goal, which is fantastic. I have never before reached my goal, much less exceeded it. A HUGE thanks go out to my generous friends and family. You all are so supportive of my running and my efforts to get young women involved in such a healthy, empowering activity.

After today's walk I grabbed lunch at Taco Bell (hey, it's healthier than my candy/sweets diet of the past few days...how I didn't gain a pound in the past week is beyond me), let my lunch settle in my gut, then went out for an "easy" 5.

I say "easy," since very few of my runs in the past 4 weeks have been truly easy. It's REALLY taking my body a LONG time to recover from that stinkin' race. My best runs in the past month have been my 2 trail runs. I think because all the beautiful distractions of the park, the semi-treacherous footing, and the chatter with my running pal help to distract me from the bodily discomforts. As a result I am REALLY enjoying the trail running and looking forward to more of it. Once the snow flies I may start investigating snowshoes so that I can keep doing some trail "running" in a fashion. There is also a great snowshoe race in the park I've been running in--it's a ton of fun, from what I hear.

I have also registered for my first trail race in less than 2 weeks. It's supposed to be a pretty brutal, hilly course with 1.5 miles on loose sand along the Lake MI beach. I think it's going to be fun...I hope I get filthy!

I also just mailed off my 6 person relay team's registration for the North Country Trail Relay in June. All those months away and I'm already really looking forward to it.

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