Just VOTE!

I love that photo!

No matter which side of the political aisle you sit on, get out there and vote.  No excuses.  If you don't have someone to watch your kids, bring 'em with.  It's a great thing for our children to witness such an important activity that they will someday have the opportunity to take part in, themselves.

This AM my hubby voted on his way to work and dropping off our son at school.  It was good for Dane to see how the process works for every registered American voter.  4 years ago he was only 3.5 and couldn't appreciate or understand the election, but this time he is interested and comprehends some of it.

I voted this afternoon.  At 3:40 I was voter #769 in our community of ~2k residents...not sure how many of those are registered, but given that there were still more than 4 hours 'til the local polls close and the after-work contingent still to cast their ballots...well, that seems like a pretty good turnout.

Tonite a local like-minded running buddy of mine are going to go hang at the little grass-roots community Obama office to join the party watching the returns roll in.  Or if that's too crowded we'll wander over to the new bar next door to watch the returns on their 106" TV screen.

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