Kirsten is really flippin' annoyed...and it's only Monday

#1: DS (7.5, in 2nd grade) faked being sick for the first time ever.  Yes, he does have a cold/cough.  No, he's not sick enough to warrant being home.  He is well enough to ram around the house, disobey, not nap, harass the cats, play with the Wii, make messes, but not pick them up, chatter endlessly....  Guess who is grounded for the rest of the week from said Wii, TV, and computer?

#2: Our dryer is broke-down.  We think it's the timer.  Of course, it's 2 years old, so the warranty is probably outdated by a year.  So I can do the wash, but not dry it.

#3: It is snowing.  This is not such a big deal, but my snow tires are not yet on my car...my car is nearly worthless without the snow tires in the Winter.  It's like 2 different vehicles depending upon which set of wheels/tires are on it.  The stock tires are low-tread, wide, low-profile borderline performance ones.  They SUCK on snow.  I can't even get my car moving starting in 3rd gear, sometimes.  Stopping is impossible, turning dangerous.  If the appropriate tires for the weather were on the car I would have driven DS the 30 minutes to school hours ago.  It would be gas money well-spent.

#4: I need to go to the laundromat to dry clothes...with the terror-mobile and the terror-child.

#5: I still need to run my 5 miler.  In the dark, most likely (I'd be doing it right now if a certain miscreant weren't at home when he should be at school).  And it is cold...and snowing...and blowing.  Gah, I HATE Michigan. 

At least I can post one un-annoying thing...a photo from Saturday's race.  That's me, Heather, and Mary: 


  1. Wow- I was having a bad day until I read that- makes me feel like my mood isn't so bad after all. :)

    Hope things will improve for you.

  2. Lovely photo. There's a silver lining to every cloudy post... see. :)