Lazy Saturday...just the way I likes 'em!

Today's highlight--another fun trail run!  Heather and I met at her place at 11am, then us grubby gals zipped down to the nearest running store in her Mini Cooper.  We were HOT (especially with those heated seats)!  At Running Circles she picked up a new pair of shoes, then we made our way to a McDonald's for a quickie lunch before hitting the trails (in Hoffmaster State Park--same place our trail race takes place in a week).

We set off running at 2pm and 5.32 miles later we decided to do a bit more shopping, at Dick's Sporting Goods and TJ Maxx.  For today's purchases I scored a new pair of Yak Trax (I already have a pair, but they have changed the design somewhat, so I will relegate my old ones to back-ups, since they can wear out sometimes without much warning), some cozy Smartwool socks, a pea green fleece top, and a matching wool blend hat.

Our run went fabulously, as seems to be the norm for our off-road runs.  Why did I never attempt any trail runs prior to this?  Oh, yeah...because I had no one willing to run trails with me prior to meeting Heather.  :)

Today I wore my new New Balance 1110GT trail shoes.  I really like them...don't LOVE them.  Still too stiff for my tastes, but I really bought them for the Gore-Tex uppers, which should be nice come January and February.  I can slap a pair of YakTrax on and my feet will be warm and dry AND have good traction...they'd probably work well for snowshoeing with gaiters, too.  Had to run a little bit on asphalt and those shoes are SO hard, stiff, and kinda slippery.   That extra aggressive tread is not as soft and grippy, since it's designed to dig-in to soft terrain.  They were nice on trails, though (fantastic on the sandy, wet leafy areas we encountered).  I will probably reserve them for the snowiest days and my lightweight 902s for days that have more bare pavement, sans YakTrax.

The highlight of this week (other than the awesome trail workout) was yesterday's 7 miler.  My legs have FINALLY forgiven me for the marathon almost 5 weeks ago.  I had started to wonder if that day would ever come, but yesterday's run was fabulous.  I ran a solid minute/mile faster than I have in over a month and it felt GREAT!  I'm back! :)

Really looking forward to next week's race in the park.  Perhaps I can even finish the 5.2 under an hour.  We ran today's run at a 13:19 pace, if I remember correctly, which was not at all pushing ourselves.  I think that course may be a bit tougher in spots, though.  1.5 miles are on the beach, which could really be brutal, even though it's flat.

After the race we'll head to our respective homes to clean up, then meet up for dinner and beer (probably at the same bar where we watched the election night returns.  I just love a smoke-free social environment like that.  I hope this place succeeds--the last half-dozen businesses in the same space have failed, but the new owners fully renovated the joint and it's really a nice place with good atmosphere, now), then off to see a bluegrass band play at the little local theatre.  I can't wait! :D

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