A Running First on the 21st

Just yesterday I was telling a friend that in 2.5+ years of running I have yet to fall. Apparently I forgot to knock on wood, as a half-mile into today's run I slipped on an icy spot of sidewalk on a hill and down-I-went. Landed lightly on my right knee and popped back up.

The run itself was FAR more painful than the minor tumble. I chose to hit the paved rail trail instead of the icy/slushy streets, but after almost 2 miles of trudging in 6" of snow had to stop and walk and ended up changing my route to the street. I also cut 2 miles from my run, as I was making poor time and was in a bit of a crunch to get back, shower, and head down to pick up DS from school. So my 8 miler became a 6 mile run/walk.

I am happy to find that my Gore-Tex NB trail shoes do REALLY well in snow (awful on ice, as I found out...heh) and keep my feet very warm and dry. I think on days when the roads are very snowy and/or slushy with no ice that I won't even bother with YakTrax. Though I think today would have been a good day for them...snow, ice, minimal clear pavement.

Tomorrow I will do ~5 miles of trails with Heather (assuming the snow isn't a foot deep back in the park...perhaps the XC ski trails will be packed down a bit, already, then that might work OK), then in the evening we have plans to spend the night with a bunch of crazy JDRF peeps and their families at a lodge affair of some sort about an hour away. Should be a lot of fun.

Sunday is house cleaning day before my MIL is in town for the holiday and before we head out of town (it needs it, anyhow, so that's a convenient excuse to actually do it). Tonite I am enjoying an Oberon or two. DH managed to find a 6 pack...they stop distrubuting it after October and don't start back up until April or May, so it's a really welcome find. Tastes like Summer in a bottle.

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