T-minus 11 Hours

11 hours before the gun goes off for my first trail race.  11 seems to be the magic number of the week.  Hey, I'd be happy to pull off 11 minute miles on that trail race tomorrow, too.  During last weekend's run in the same park Heather and I logged an average pace of 13mm, so 11 sounds good, though 11.5-12 is probably more likely.  1.5 miles of that 5.2 mile course are on the beach, into relatively high winds...with rain and temps in the upper 30s (windchill predicted to be about 30º)...brrr....  

I'm not really all that concerned about pace, though.  Trail racing already seems to be so much more laid-back than road-racing.  It's not like anyone can claim a PR for the distance, since the terrain adds such a handicap.  I think this is the first time that I have been pretty non-stressed the night before a race.  Perhaps that's a side-effect of my last race having been a marathon, too.  At this point I think only an ultra or trail marathon would be giving me butterflies.  Everything less than the marathon distance just doesn't seem all that daunting anymore. 

My last 2 training runs were absolutely shiteous (™Perez Hilton).  2 days ago I decided to dig out my lightweight neutral shoes and try them with my Superfeet insoles.  Ow.  Hurt all 4 miles.  Today my 3 was not much better.  For some reason my calves were REALLY tight and sore.  Probably some residual owies from my run with the neutral shoes.  Hopefully my legs feel a bit less cranky tomorrow.  Oh, well, there will be beer tomorrow night regardless.

Heather and I (my trail-diva-in-the-making friend...tomorrow is her first trail race, as well) are going to do dinner and beer before heading to see the Greensky Bluegrass band play at a little theater in town.

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