We're Baaaack!!!

Actually got back a bit before 10pm last night. We had a really nice stay at my brother's place. Dane enjoyed spending time with his cousins and he and Damon REALLY liked playing violent video games with Uncle Grant. ;)
Was mostly a quiet holiday...had turkey and fixins, sat around, drank some beer and wine, ate some more, Grant and I ran some miles, more food.

Getting TO my brother's place was interesting. Traffic was smooth and fast until we got near the city, then it was a stop-and-go mess for the rest of the way. Eventually we hopped over to Algonquin Road to drive the rest of the way to his place. Stoplights are faster than dealing with the parking lot on the toll-way. Plus, why pay toll to not get there any faster? Next time we do this trip over Thanksgiving I think we would head out as soon as Dane gets out of school on Tues., instead of waiting to travel on Weds.

On the way out yesterday we made a stop at my brother's girlfriend's dad's place (heh, that's not as confusing as it sounds). What a nice guy and what an AMAZING house so close to downtown. I also discovered that he is just a few blocks from the Chicago New Balance store--oh, I would be in such big trouble living there! :D
At his house we had a nice late lunch of fresh bagels and leftover turkey. We hung out in the big kitchen for a while chatting, then Dane and Derek and I left to head back to MI. My folks and my brother were joining his GF's sister and dad for dinner.

Today I managed a decent 5 miler. My 2 runs in IL were pretty miserable. I think because when I run from my brother's house there's no warm-up walk and I am used to walking a few blocks to get the blood flowing before starting to actually run. My lungs have also been kinda cranky for a few weeks. I have learned with this asthma business that even the mildest of chest colds can pretty much kill my lung function for a minimum of 2 weeks, regardless of how I feel just sitting around. Running in the cold doesn't work well.

Tonite and into tomorrow we are under a blizzard warning. Hopefully I can still manage some sort of run tomorrow. It will depend a great deal on whether or not DS has a snow day.


  1. Welcome home and Happy *belated* Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks, Rick! I hope you had a great weekend, too! I'm so tired, though...looking forward to a quiet week to catch up on shut-eye.