Happy Anniversary!

Today hubby and I "celebrate" 12 years of marital bliss--celebrate in quotes because we both seem to have managed to catch DS's cold.  I'm mostly just achey and tired with a mildly sore throat and icky sinuses, but he's been pretty limp all day.  I thought my lung issues on yesterday's run were due to the heavy air, but now I think the oncoming bug was probably as much to blame.  Whether I run the New Year's Day 6 miler is kind of up in the air, now. Glad I didn't register early.

Good thing we got out last night for a romantic dinner of pizza and a pitcher of beer at the new local smoke-free sports bar (we've loved that place ever since our fun election night festivities with a group of fellow Obama supporters).  After dinner we opted to stay home and watch a movie on our ginormous new 46" LCD TV (Christmas gift from my MIL).  We had planned to go out and look at a new Blu-ray player (or, more likely, a PS3 which can play games and Blu-ray discs and is upgradeable and can be used to watch pay-per-view movies without having to subscribe to digital cable), but the fog was dangerously thick, so we thought better to wait on that.

Today I marked the occasion by registering for the Bayshore Marathon and reserving our room for 2 nights.  2 queen beds and a hotel with a pool and hot tub will be enjoyable.  After running Milwaukee there was no pool in the hotel, so I look forward to floating around post-race at the place we'll be staying at in Traverse City.  It will also be nice to have a room with refrigerator and microwave.  I need to make sure to have a sodium-rich breakfast on race morning.  Jimmy Dean/Sara Lee breakfast sandwiches are probably going to be a perfect choice, since I do well on eggs/bacon sandwiches before races and long runs.  Didn't have that before Milwaukee and could have used the sodium and fat that was lacking in the Clif bar I ate.

I can't say that I have registered for this race without some trepidation, though.  In the past week or so my right knee has been somewhat cranky.  I ran my first 2 runs in my new NB 769 shoes (including a 10 miler--very comfy, well-fitting shoe) with only the stock insole, figuring that they would be stable enough.  But they seem to offer about the same degree of pronation control as my 902s with the Superfeet insoles, so I think I will need to start wearing the Superfeet in the 769s to beef-up the support.  Hopefully this will be the perfect degree of stability, as my next option up the stability ladder is $40 more expensive (and heavier/clunkier) and would still require use of $40 Superfeet insoles.

As far as other planned races for the year...I will do mostly the same selection of races/distances this year as last, with the substitution of the North Country Trail Relay in place of the Fifth-Third Bank Riverbank Run 25k.  I'd love to do that race (especially since I was pretty unhappy with my time last year, thanks to asthma issues), but it would get to be too many high-mileage races in too short a span of time...recipe for major injury just waiting to happen.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Sorry you have a cruddy cold. Hope you can run the race on Thursday.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, I seem to get sick around Christmas more often than not. I think a lot of it is due to not sleeping enough and eating a lot of crap. I need to be better on both counts.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Glad to hear you got in a run yesterday - what crazy weather! We were up in GH yesterday to celebrate Christmas and drove back to GR in the heavy fog - it was scary in a couple of place. Thankfully, the weather was good heading back today. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Yeah, the fog was surreal. While I was running yesterday it was so dense that a few times cars didn't see me until it was almost too late--scary. And the temperature was bizarre...warm and cold in waves. I think it depended upon how the air was flowing over snowy areas. Very strange sensation.

    Glad you guys made it back to GR OK. DH worked a fundraising stand at VanAndel on Friday night and the drive home was quite treacherous thanks to the fog.

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!

    And I look forward to hearing about your journey to your marathon!

  6. Happy Anniversary K&D!! Hope you're both feeling better soon. And I'm so excited about your upcoming marathon!! I can't wait for you to smash your previous time to bits!!

  7. Happy Anni! :) We missed our Dec lunch, we'll have to make sure we don't miss Jan!


  8. Sara, aren't you itching for your next 'thon? Bayshore is really nice from what everyone says...


    Nicole, we DO need to do lunch VERY soon!