In the immortal words of Lili VonSchtupp

I'm tired.

Several nights in a row of not sleeping well/enough, a mere 8 hours of sunshine this entire MONTH (we've already hit a record for cloudy days in one month), and running around like a nut--as is required this time of the year--have me eager to do nothing more strenuous than sit with a warm, purring cat on my lap and stare at the wall.  BUT I have not run for the past 3 days (not by choice, but by obligations)...so I NEED to run...a LONG run.  It's dreary, though...and just warm enough that the snow and ice on the ground should be a very wet, sloppy, slippery mess.  Joy.  10-11 miles in that mess should be really "fun."

I received a really great gift from my MIL yesterday--a 2 month pass to a small 24 hour fitness joint nearby.  Which will be AWESOME for some treadmill running, especially with a friend or two on side-by-side machines.  But I don't think I could tolerate more than 5-6 miles on a "dreadmill," so today's run will still be done outdoors.  The only thing that is gonna stink about this membership is that running in the warm indoors will require shorter bottoms...and more regular shaving of my legs.  *sigh* the only advantage of Winter is being able to go a week or two between de-Yetifiying myself.  Bah.  But the access to the treadmills should mean that I can get my miles in even during particularly brutal weather weeks--all good for marathon training.

Which reminds me, I need to get my registration in for the Bayshore Marathon before the price goes up on New Year's Day.  And, speaking of NYD, I also need to register for that race.  Extended forecast has that day's weather looking better than last year's...which isn't saying much.  Brutal cold and blizzard was not so nice, especially during the stretch along Lake MI with no windbreak.

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  1. That gym membership is an awesome present...totally worth de-yetifying :) I'm with you on the winter perk though!