Looking on the bright side

I still feel like ass, but it's a good excuse to drink a scotch whiskey hot toddy, right? ;)

Most of today I have felt no better than I did yesterday, but I do seem to be feeling a bit less crappy as the night wears on.  Assuming I get a good night of solid sleep I think I'll feel better tomorrow.  Though it's still a bit doubtful that we'll go out for New Year's Eve, as the party is an hour away...and DH and DS are also still a bit under the weather.

It's also looking like I won't be participating in the New Year's Day race.  Rats.  A friend of mine was ribbing me a bit...she remembered that I am often sick right around New Year's and she is right.  I think last year may well have been the only year in probably the last 5 that didn't find me sick.  I have had everything from colds, flu, sinus infection, and that banner year with the Noro Virus...that was particularly miserable (though I did lose 8#s in 24 hours--unfortunately it didn't stick).

I'll just be happy if I can manage to catch up on sleep in the coming days.  I have horrible dark circles and bags under my eyes.  Last night DH snored incessantly the entire friggin' night.  It didn't matter if he was on his back, side, or stomach...he sawed wood.  I took an Ambien and shoved some earplugs in my ears and still could not get much rest.  If tonite looks like it will play out similarly I think I will hit the sofa.  I don't sleep well not in my own bed, but anything would have to be preferable to sleeping next to the lumber mill.  Of course, our bedroom is right off the living room, so I may not be able to avoid the racket as much as I'd hope.  Perhaps a few more hot toddies...?  Or maybe I should consider setting the air mattress up in DS's room, instead.

This illness garbage has me trying very hard not too look at my piss poor mileage of the past couple of weeks.  Between weather, snow day, holiday, and now illness...ugh.  I managed 20 miles last week, down from maintaining my 30-35 mpw goal.  This week looks like I will not fare much better.  Figures...I register for a marathon and get sick right before starting training.  Thankfully the first couple of weeks of training mileage are actually a bit lower than the mileage I've already been doing, so hopefully I won't be biting off more than I can chew.


  1. Dang, girl! Got the whole coming year race lineup already! Good for you. Hopefully I will be at one or two of them as well.

    Just swung by to wish you a most Happy New Year! Here's to healthy running in 2009! Congratulations on a most successful, though trying, 2008. ;)

  2. Hey! Take it easy now and don't beat yourself up about the low mileage. The more you push yourself, the longer it is going to take you to get over this stuff. Get yourself healthy and then hit the road! Enjoy those hot toddys, too :-)

    Happy New Year!!