Not 5 gold rings

Who wants gold jewelry when one can have silver and blue shoes?!

A couple of days ago my new NB 769 shoes arrived from Road Runner Sports.  I've not been a real huge fan of this retailer (their prices are often much higher than the competition, even if one has their VIP membership).  But they were offering 15% off on top of the regular 10% off VIP pricing...and free upgraded shipping, so these nearly  $100 shoes were around $75.

First run was really nice (will have a better idea of their function once I am able to run on dry roads sans YakTrax), though I think NB has sized their shoes up (at least in terms of length--the actual last of their newer shoes is a tad snugger, which I like) a bit in the last year.  These 8Ds fit well with heavy Winter socks, but I think my next pair will be a half-size smaller, perhaps.

The 767 was my favorite shoe for a long time, but eventually I needed more forefoot flex, which they didn't really have--nor did their replacement, the 768.  These new 769s have more and deeper forefoot flex grooves PLUS a softer, lighter weight midsole cushion--similar to my beloved 902s...but with the added rearfoot stability that my knees need.  Perhaps this will end up being my next marathon shoe.

My first run in the new shoes was in the dark the other night.  It was still cold, but not windy...and quite serene.  It's a really unique experience running in the dark when everything is quiet and snowcovered...the Christmas lights on houses are a much prettier sight on-foot, too.  

The only negatives of the run were the few cars that seem perplexed by the reflective, blinky thing on the road...instead of giving me more room they often aim towards me--I think in an effort to try to figure out what I am.  The adolescent boys who sort of followed me around a residential block were a bit annoying, too.  35 year old moms aren't particularly impressed by tweens hooting and hollering "hey sexy baby" (though they could have been adult males and I would not have been any more flattered).  Dorks. :p

Yesterday was a scheduled off day as DH and I worked 2 TSO shows at the arena in Grand Rapids with a few other members of the JDRF ride team.  It was a blast...but I ate WAY too much crap at the stand and during our break between shows.  During break we headed to the Hop Cat bar--one of the top 3 rated bars on BeerAdvocate.com.  Awesome place...I could spend a LOT of time and money there.  In an hour I threw back a chocolate wheat beer, a Belgian raspberry lambic, and a hard cider.  The beer and cider are both MI creations...helping support the economy, ya' know! :D

The drives to and from the arena SUCKED!!!  My car is not a low-rider, but I was scraping the underside of my car much of the way home.  One not-so-nice side effect of our miserable economy is that plowing budgets have been slashed...this is a very bad thing during a Winter that will almost certainly hit some record or near-record snow totals once all is said and done, unless the remainder of the season is easy.  I think we are approaching 6 feet of snow for the season and it's only the 4th day of Winter--average for our area is 97" for the ENTIRE season.  This is especially bad for all the idiot SUV/truck drivers who find themselves in the ditch as they overestimate the ability of their vehicles to drive safely at too-fast-for-conditions speeds.  At least 3/4 of the vehicles we saw in the ditch yesterday were of the 4WD variety.  Tools.

Today I had planned to run 8 miles...but between being tired from arriving home after midnight, then not falling asleep until 2:30am and up 6 hours later...and heavy, wet, sticky snow...eh, just to wiped-out.  Tomorrow will also be no running.  So Friday and Sat. will be days of making up for time off and too much food inhalation.

Take care, everyone.  Have great holiday weekend and enjoy some relaxation time.

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