Nucking Futs

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Yep, apparently 1 marathon wasn't enough to send me to the nuthouse...apparently it will require at least 2 (or am I so completely off my rocker that I'm already in the loony bin and just don't know it...if so, cool!).

A couple of days it occurred to me that I am already planning to maintain 30-35 miles/week all Winter and that the first month of Hal Higdon's Intermediate II training plan is actually FEWER miles/week than this.  And it does not help that several of my close MI running friends are planning to do either the half or the full 'thon...and I don't want to miss out on the fun (peer pressure...ack!).

This will mean not doing the Fifth-Third Bank Riverbank Run 25k 2 weeks earlier, but I have already done that 2x and am ready for something new.  Plus that race has gotten HUGE with the addition of a 10k (in addition to the 5k and 25k).  I don't like big crowds and having to leave home 2 hours before race start to make the hour drive and have enough time to find parking and warm up.

I will still plan on a Fall marathon, as well...right now I'm leaning towards Grand Rapids.  2009 should be the year of hurt...2 marathons, a HM (Old Boys' Brewhouse in Sept), and a brutal trail relay in June.  Now I just need to stay healthier in '09 than I was in much of '08.  Asthma is better controlled and hopefully this year's flu vaccination is more effective than last year's was.

Now the trick is to avoid injury--unlike my first marathon go-round.  I ended up with knee issues that came on about 2 weeks before training started and never fully let up, though using Superfeet orthotic insoles allowed me to run relatively pain-free...but never fully healed.

Speaking of the knee stuff...yesterday I wore my beloved, flashy blue NB 902s for the first time in almost a month (yay for mostly clean roads!).  Unfortunately...I think my days of wearing that shoe for anything longer than 5 miles are numbered.  By about 8.5 miles into my 11 miler my right knee started talking...it hasn't bothered me much in a month.  The rest of last night it was sore, stiff, clunky, heavy feeling.  Ugh.  Guess that last pair waiting to go into rotation should go up on eBay.  Back to a more moderate stability shoe.  I'm hoping the new NB 769 works.  They added an extra row of forefoot flex grooves and are using a midsole foam similar to the 90X series of shoes (lighter-weight, less dense)...so it should be closer to the feel my feet need, but with the beefier medial post that my knee requires.  I wouldn't be surprised if I still need the Superfeet insoles, though.

Today Dane is home...first snow day of the year.  This also extends his holiday break to an extra day.  As soon as I post this I need to get cracking on housework, holiday letter composition, tree decorating, and other random chores.  I'm really thankful that school was called-off, otherwise I'm not sure how I would have accomplished it all.  I would otherwise have done a morning run, headed to a doctor's appt. (which I cancelled) in the afternoon, then picked DS up from school.  Since my doctor and Dane's school are both nearly a half hour south that would have killed my day.  So...instead I am killing my day typety typing and playing on the interwebs...

According to UPS tracking my new 22" LG LCD monitor is out for delivery (thanks to DH's grandma's generous Christmas gift cash).  Great timing.  This dumb CRT beast has been dying on me for months.  I haven't been able to calibrate it, so gave up on doing any real photo gifts for Christmas--just cards.  So long, POS paperweight!

In sad news...we found out late last night that DH's great uncle passed-away earlier this week.  Very sad.  Wes was a truly outstanding human being.  If ever there were a real life Santa Clause, he embodied it.  Not physically--he was always a trim guy--but his personality was always jovial and kind.  He also was a genius woodworker and made some amazing hand-crafted wood items over the years.  He will be greatly missed.


  1. Hey, I'm starting the Higdon Int. II the week after Christmas for a May marathon! Come join me! :-D

  2. It's ON!!! Looks like you will be about 3 weeks ahead of me, so it will be fun to see how training treats you.

    BTW, which race do you have your sights set on?

  3. I'm glad you are tackling another marathon! :) Each time I go for a long run, I can only think that it will be one marathon for me, and then I'm done!...but who knows, maybe I'll catch the bug too :)

    Yeah for Wisconsin! And for Michigan :) It's always fun to meet peeps from your home :)

  4. I'm looking to do the inaugural Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha. It looks like a hoot!