Treadmeells...? We don't need no stinkin' treadmeells!!!

(reposted from RunningAHEAD.com)

aka 6 miles of dashing through the snow...

I just got back from one of those runs that reminded me that I am enjoying what all the wimps who wuss-out and resign themselves to endless hours on the dreadmill miss. Just ran in 29º airtemps with 17º windchill and whiteout conditions...it was awesome! I saw only a handfull of cars and one snowmobile (who looked at me in utter disbelief), as well as an old guy leaning on the shovel and watching while his wife pushed the snowblower (I about booted him in the rear...lazy old fart--no wonder we gals outlive the guys).

I also saw the neighbor dachshund (same one that tried to bite me on the calf last Spring, but my compression tights and sizable calves were more than his teeth could apparently get through *rolls eyes*)...he came running out yapping, crossed the street, slammed into me, and continued to bark at me "ferociously." I stopped, yelled at him to stop and go home and told him sternly that the next time he came at me he'd be getting a shoe in his obnoxious f*cking head. Seriously...I was having such an utterly kickass run that he had the nerve to interrupt. He's lucky he didn't take my foot in his yapping windpipe today.

Aside from the dumb canine "attack," this will definitely be one of those runs that sticks with me all Winter...every time I try to come up with excuses to stay indoors I'll call this one up to get me out the door. :D
I am still pretty bummed that the 5k prediction trail race scheduled tonite (on the state park's illuminated XC ski trail) was cancelled was converted to a prediction XC ski race. Bummer. Apparently I'm more hard-core than some... ;)


  1. I'm out there with you! :-D

  2. Looks like you had quite the Winter HTFU run, yourself, girl! Wow, 14 miles! I limit myself to whatever I can do in ~2 hours, which is typically 11 miles. You rock!

  3. OK, you've convinced me to get out there while the snow's falling! It does look pretty, and it's not too cold.

    Great job!

  4. I hear you...I went out yesterday morning; it was about 17-18 degrees with a steady wind that got quite fierce as it blasted across the barren farm fields. I took one of my favorite country road routes for a good 9-mile run. I hadn't been on this particular route since the spring and I sadly remembered running it in shorts with the warm sun on my face and listening to the birds. Yesterday it was just crunch crunch crunch of my feet on snow, the wind moaning in the bare trees, and swirls of snow kicked up into my face. BUT IT WAS GREAT!

  5. you are my hero. I am such a winter wuss. I need to just HTFU, but I have always hated being cold. And wind. Oh how wind is my enemy in the winter.

    But. I should use you as my inspiration to get out there. Even if it's only for a short run.