Ugh, I am BEAT!

I think these snowy runs on top of snowy runs without a clear pavement day are starting to take a toll on my body.  Today's 8 miler really stunk...my legs felt like lead, as did my lungs.  Lungs got better once I acclimated to the cold air, but the legs didn't really improve.  I thought about running the additional 1.8 miles to hit 1500 for the year, but the 8 was a struggle by itself.  Tomorrow I should hit my goal for the year.

I've been trying to get in 35 mile weeks, but am stalling-out in the 30-33 mile range.  This weather is the primary cause.  Running 30 miles on snow feels like 40 miles on dry stuff.  Next week I hope to get 35, but later in the week I have 2 days in a row with stuff going on in the middle of the day.  I may have to get out extra early when it's still the coldest part of the day or after dark--which I really don't care for, since people aren't at all watchful of runners on the side of the road, no matter how much reflective stuff and blinky LED lights I wear (and I have a LOT of this sort of stuff being married to a cycle dude).

Last night I took Dane an hour away to see the Santa at the "big" mall.  We got burned over the years by the local mall Santa...first they had the guy who was later found to be a pedophile, then the grumpy santa (somewhere I have a photo of Dane looking all angelic while "Bad Santa" looks as miserable as can be...I saw the photos of a couple of other friends' kids on this guy's lap.  Same expression in each shot).  The company in Grand Rapids charged the same package prices for their photos and their Santa goes out of his way to play the part.  Apparently now the local Santa and photography is done by the same company (according to one of the women working at the big mall operation), but this may be our last year for Santa.  Next year Dane will be almost 9, so I'm assuming that he won't be "a believer," but maybe he'll stay sweet and naive for one more year.  I hope so.  His best buddy has an older brother and no longer believes--but Dane has decided that Eric is mistaken...for now.

Anyhow, it was really sweet when it was Dane's turn to sit on Santa's lap and share his list.  He was so timid and shy...NOT at all typical Dane.  Santa Claus is the ONE person on the planet who can reduce my outgoing, exuberant kid into a demure, mild-mannered cherub.  I wish I could hire the big guy to hang out on a regular basis and keep Dane in line. ;)

In addition to seeing Santa, Dane got a new pair of shoes.  The kid still REFUSES to learn to tie his shoes and it's one of those battles I'm not picking.  So we found him a pair of NB shoes that use sort of a zig-zag velcro closure.  The night before we'd found a similar pair of Reebok shoes, but they were more expensive (especially since I had a $15 coupon to the NB store in Grand Rapids) and really a crappy shoe...heavy, stiff, plastic-y, and where they did flex was not in the proper place.  The Reeboks flexed under the arch, instead of under the ball of the foot, as they should.

I already warned Dane, however...this will be his LAST pair of shoes that don't tie with standard laces.  He's only lucky that he has tiny feet and can still fit into preschool sizes.  Sheesh...kids these days! :p

Speaking of shoes...I am loving my Gore-Tex trail shoes more and more every day...especially after all this snowy garbage.  They aren't good on the ice we've had or this hard-packed snow, BUT they are good on loose snow (as well as trails) and with YakTrax are the perfect solution to the weather we've had in the past week...warm, dry, good traction.  I am tempted to buy a second pair at the end of the season if they go on clearance, then save them for next year.  I've already logged nearly 80 miles on my current pair and we've still got a solid 3 months when I could foresee wearing them for nearly every run...at a minimum of 120 miles/month I may be retiring them before the end of Winter.

My wind blocker tights are also paying for themselves.  My best friend also has a pair and we both are keeping our eyes open for those to go on clearance.  After nearly 3 years of running I have learned that when one finds perfect shoes and gear one needs to stock-up when these things are discontinued, as the replacements may not be as well-loved.  The only criticism of the tights is that my butt still gets cold when I run with the wind, but the tights would be very inflexible if they used the wind blocker panels on more than just the quads and knees.  To solve the cold booty issue I've been pulling a pair of compression shorts on over the tights for extra warmth.  A running skirt would be an option, too...though I still can't totally get on board with that look.  I love the skirts, but not so much with tights underneath.


  1. Wow! Knocking on the door of 1500 miles! That's awesome, k! Rock on. It can't snow all winter now. Can it?!? (evil chuckle)

  2. 1500 miles? Awesome! I can't imagine....

    I've given up on running outside for the winter...first, I don't have all the 'gear' yet (Santa? are you reading?) since I am still 'new' to this...and my newbie status also makes me the perfect candidate for getting hurt out there! (kind of like a new teen driver learning to navigate the snowy roads!)

  3. Man, are you right about the snow making runs feel longer than they are. I feel so exhausted after my outdoor runs these days, even with my pace being so much slower than normal! To that end, I have been supplementing my mileage with fast runs on the (ugh) treadmill. If nothing else, it reminds me that I'm not really a turtle, no matter what the Garmin says right now. :-/

  4. Carrie, I think if I had a treadmill that I could be doing closer to 40 miles/week...hmmm...I just wish I had the room for one. DH is talking about bringing his bike trainer in so that he can pedal in warmth. I'm not sure where he's going to put that.

    Cyndi, YakTrax are fabulous...other than that, layers. I love a layer of wicking top + a fleece top + a windbreaker if it's windy. On my bottom half the windblocker tights are nice, but long undies with wind pants also works. Good deals on stuff can be had from places like runbargains.com and sierratradingpost.com, as well as campmor.com. I also find good stuff quite often at TJMaxx and Target's C9 line.


    Rick...Winter blows. I'm so over it, already...and it hasn't even officially started.


  5. Just a FYI...our PE teacher recently sold these as a fundraiser, and let me tell you even my 5th graders were stocking up. I'm not sure if it was a coolness factor or a laziness factor. http://www.y-ties.com/curly-lace-fundraiser-order.asp