1 week down, 17 to go

With today's treadmill 5 mile tempo run I complete this first week of training for marathon #2 and 30.3 miles for the week--exact same mileage as last week (though last week it took me less time, since I was almost entirely on the treadmill and was able to run my workouts faster--no snow, no ice).  I also managed 2 strength-training workouts at the little fitness center, so hopefully as my body fat is lowered I will have some muscles to show-off under the padding.

Good thing I registered for the Bayshore Marathon when I did--it filled this week.  About a week earlier than it did last year, I believe.  The half marathon filled a week or so prior to the marathon.  It's definitely an event that is growing in popularity, though I am happy that they are keeping the caps pretty low.  I think the full field will be similar to the #s at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon (though that race offers no half) and the Grand Rapids Marathon.  Enough people to keep a runner company pretty much until the finish line, but never really feeling hemmed-in.  I can't imagine running a mega marathon like Chicago (nor do I care to...or spend more than $75 in race fees).  I'm not fond of crowds...and especially not for 4+ hours.

I made a new friend this week.  She is also a member of the little fitness club I workout at and apparently she thought I looked familiar, so asked the manager who I am.  The manager mentioned that this fellow runner was inquiring about me and gave me her name.  So internet stalker that I am (*giggles*) I Googled her and found her Facebook page.  She was pretty tickled by the entire deal, so we have been chatting back and forth via FB.  Today she was coming into the club as Heather and I were finishing up our workout, so we got to meet.  

She does look familiar.  The running community in this region is fairly small, so we do see a lot of the same faces at area running events.  We're going to start trying to coordinate more of our workouts at the gym for the same time in the future.  She is also running at Bayshore...the half.  Her hubby has already run Boston once and is entered in the full.  I'm sure I won't see him except in meeting during some out-and-backs.  Fast people...bah! ;)

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