1561 - Happy New Year!

No, that's not a date, that would be my mileage for 2008 (no thanks to current and lingering cold/plague garbage).  My goal was 1500, which I surpassed a few weeks ago, but without this bug I think I could have hit closer to 1600.  Oh well.  This year my goal is 1750.

Last night we rang in the new year with JDRF cycling team friends in Grand Rapids.  Same crew we hung out with last year.  DH and I were both feeling pretty crummy and DS was exhausted, so 15 minutes after the ball dropped on Times Square we were on our way out the door for the hour trip home.

Had I not felt under the weather I can guarantee that I would have laced up my running shoes and gone a few laps around the block...that 0.0 on my RunningAHEAD.com log is a little disconcerting.  Because of my bug I am not participating in today's 6 mile New Year's Day race (which is going on as I type...right now I would likely be closing-in on the 2 mile mark).  Bummer, since the weather is gorgeous--MUCH nicer than last year's bitter-cold and windy race conditions with slippery snow underfoot.

I do hope to go run 5-6 miles a bit later...see how I feel.  I slept poorly last night thanks in large part to my sawmill spouse.  Thank heaven for earplugs (again).  I'm just glad that the snoring is not a common occurrence.  I'm not sure how people get any sleep with a heavy snorer sharing the bed.  I'm a very light sleeper and doubt I could ever become accustomed to that racket.

Yesterday I did my 3rd run in my new NB 769 shoes WITH my Superfeet orthotic insoles.  Felt really good and no knee discomforts during or after run...though it was only a 4.4 mile run.  I hope this combination will be the perfect high mileage trainer/racer recipe.  2008 was the year of asthma & runner's knee.  I want 2009 to be the year that these things do not dog me.  Training for a marathon on a crap knee was NOT something I care to repeat.  Now that I am planning to train for TWO in one year I REALLY don't want to be slowed by knee issues...especially since I am following a somewhat more aggressive training plan for my May race (Higdon Intermediate II) than I did for last Fall's first marathon (Higdon Int. I).

I woke to some excellent marathon-related news this morning--my buddy from the other side of the state (Mike "Power of Q") has registered for Bayshore.  So he and I will be training for and running the same second marathon.  Then he'll be on "my" trail relay team in June and I'll see him again later that month at the 15k in Muskegon (his hometown).  It's really fun the way running introduces us to new friends and keeps giving us a place to get together with those friends at fairly regular intervals.  I'm also hoping to remeet Tony/Mulks and meet other internet running pals for the first time at Bayshore. :)

Now, to share the runner's toast for 2009  that I posted over on RA yesterday:
May the updates of your favorite shoe(s) not be all jacked-up, may your knees, ankles, feet, and hips be pain-free, may your lungs be strong, may illnesses stay at bay, may you exceed your goals, may your weather be cooperative (whatever that may mean wherever you live), may the finish areas include GOOD beer and not that Michelob Ultra shit.


  1. "Thank heaven for earplugs (again). "

    I have to ask.. did you stick them in your ears or DID's nose? ;)


  2. Bwhahaha...I like the way you think!

    I may have to try the "up HIS nose" option tonite!


    Though it appears that he probably has tonsillitis (his tonsils look like small grapes) and his throat is still so raw, so I take pity on him...a sore throat for more than a day or two is truly miserable. He's headed to the doctor or the med center tomorrow. If it's viral he's going to have to simply suffer longer, which sucks.

  3. That's a real bummer.. we ended up taking out Trent's for that reason. He was always sick and snoring.


  4. He's been on antibiotics several days and feels better...and his tonsils are no longer pus-covered and nasty, but they are still enlarged and he is still snoring...which means *I* get little sleep. I will cut those f'ers out myself if this continues. I'm going on about 2 weeks of crap sleep and it's gotten REAL old.

  5. Trent snored like a freight train from the time he was an infant.. had both the tonsils and adnoids removed, he rarely snores anymore and when he does it's not nearly as loud. Thank the lord.. it was killer..