Ahhh...it's been a good week.

The biggest and bestest reason for the grin on my face is our new POTUS.  Though it will certainly take time for the major change that was half of Obama's campaign, the hope (other half) is well and truly strong.  This must be something like the Star Wars concept of peace in "the force."  I truly believe that it's only a matter of time before the US begins a steady turn-around from the mess (on so many levels) that the last administration created and left.  Yes We Can!

And I got to do all outdoor runs this week...whoohoo!!!  Tomorrow I will be back to indoors...partly because it is predicted to be windchills in the negatives, again, but mostly because I have a tempo workout on the schedule and it's far too icy/snowy to be able to do more than trudge along with my heavy Yaktrax on (today, like a dummy, I thought it a good idea to run in my Gore-Tex trail shoes sans Yaktrax...yeah, I forgot how much those stink on ice and loose snow.  I'll be saving those for sloppy Spring trail runs and slushy roads from here on out).

I'm also happy because my suspicions about the shoes I ordered right before Christmas were correct--they were too long.  I ordered a half-size smaller pair and they fit like a dream.  Did a 10 mile run in them right out of the box.  So the first pair is going back to RRS in exchange for another smaller pair (I will then have a pair of white and orange and a pair of gray and blue to alternate easily).

I was a little nervous about not having a confirmed "marathon shoe," as this week is my first week (of 18) in preparation for Bayshore in May, but I think these are going to be REALLY good for me.  I was able to run a couple of miles sans Yaktrax yesterday and they just felt RIGHT!  Like my 902s, but with more stability, which is what I need.  So far it seems like any knee issues are result more of running on slippery snow, which allows my feet and lower legs to twist, as a lot of people who don't have a history of knee issues are suffering little pains here and there.

As for the 902s...I still have one pair just hovering under retirement mileage and 2 pair that should still have 100 miles or so left.  But I'm really afraid to wear them at this point.  Perhaps it's time to cut my losses and donate these gently worn, flashy blue shoes to a local charity.

And, BEST of ALL...my sweet friend, Cali, is posting on RunningAHEAD.com.  I am so happy for her to be progressing in her running and to be part of such a great community of fellow runners.

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