Another first!

So now I have a few 5ks, 10ks, 15ks, 25ks, half-marathons and a marathon under my belt...I thought I'd pretty much been there, done that in terms of running experiences.  Ha!

Today was my first run on a treadmill (aka dreadmill).  It was OK.  For about the first quarter mile I thought I was gonna go flying off the thing.  Then I found my stride and pounded out a little over 4 miles at 10:50 pace.  That might be the longest 4 miler ever...boring!!!

But the weirdest experience...after I stopped and did about 3 minutes of cool-down walk I got off and nearly fell and puked simultaneously.  I had that same sort of feeling one gets after being on a boat or in an elevator...like the world was moving.  Ick.  I had no idea that happened, but I have since talked to a few other people who say they've experienced the same sensation.

I will probably go back to the club on Thurs.  I need to start doing some weight work a couple of times/week, particularly to strengthen my knee-supporting muscles in my thighs and my abs.  As my runs get longer I always feel it in my lower back if my abs are weak--which they definitely are.

A local running friend is also a member, so we'll be trying to get a couple of workouts/runs in each week at this little 24/7 joint.  Running on the treadmill won't be so bad if we can be side-by-side and chatting during our workouts.


  1. Sounds like 'motion sickness' lol! Well, it's not funny I know, but what else could it be? Plus you've been ill anyway, so it could be a combo of all of that.

    I don't mind the treadmill...although I'm also not running more than 3 or 4 miles at a time...but generally speaking I like to zone out with my MP3 and not pay attention to the dashboard at all....

    I did two outdoor runs this weekend and I was quite happy with that - especially because my outside runs in the fall were difficult for me with allergy/asthma type stuff....these last two runs were a breeze! (or maybe I'm in better shape now ha ha)

    Sorry, looks like I just hogged your comment space....

  2. Pretty amazing that you logged over 1500 miles last year without running indoors at all.

    I normally don't like treadmills, however, they are good for when the weather is crappy. I also like using them for speedwork when getting to a track is not convenient.

    I also remember that "motion sickness" feeling when getting off of the treadmill years ago. I guess I have gotten used to it since I don't feel it anymore.

  3. I think it probably is some sort of motion sickness/vertigo. I get inner ear stuff quite often and almost always feel like I'm still moving when I get off an elevator. It's icky!