Back in the saddle...

...so to speak.

I finally seem to have shaken most of the crap that has ailed me for...what...2 weeks?  I guess that's about right.  I feel like I've been under the weather for so long that it had become sort of the norm.  But the mucous production has greatly lessened (heh, TMI?) and my lungs are mostly in good shape, again--with the help of my maintenance asthma meds (Advair 250/50...works pretty well, but I still have shit fer lungs).

This week my mileage is (or will be, after tomorrow's run) back in the 30+ mi/week neighborhood.  Next week will be about the same, then I start training for marathon #2 on the 18th...cool.  Though I am kind of bummed that I didn't know about this marathon prior to registering for Bayshore.  I mean, how cool would it be to run the inaugural Wisconsin Marathon...a race with cheesy medals at the end and a post-race brat and cheese party?!  I am so bummed!  I definitely will put that at the top of my short list of to-do races for '10.  Still would love to be able to say "hey, I ran the FIRST ever WI Marathon!"

My right knee has been giving me quiet messages in recent weeks that it needs attention (again...*sigh*).  I think running on slippery snow and ice has allowed some twisting of my feet that has encouraged knee instability.  Hopefully snow/ice-free roads come Spring will alleviate this, but I also probably need to strengthen my quads in the meantime.  Last night I hit the little 24/7 fitness center mostly to get accustomed to the Cybex machines (and am surprisingly not all that sore today--next time more reps and/or weight.  I think free weights and a variety of crunches and planks done on the floor still give me a far better workout, too).  I did just quads and abs work, but eventually will incorporate upper body, too...right now I have chubby little T-Rex arms that I'd like to have a bit more sculpted and strong come sleeveless shirt season.

Next week I will probably be logging more miles than I'd like on the dreadmills at the center, too.  We're predicted to have some pretty Arctic air mid-week.  When it gets much below 0 I don't do well for more than 3-4 miles at a pop and I've heard rumor of windchills of -20-30ºF.  No thanks.  I'm kind of tired of the HTFU thing.  The treadmill stinks, but so does a load of laundry for every run... :p

Now I am starting the weekend with a white russian. :D

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  1. "Now I am starting the weekend with a white russian."

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