Eff you and the treadmill you ran in on!

HATE.  Ok, yesterday's 4 mile treadmill run was tolerable, but I think it's because I had hard and fast music on my iPod and I pretty much just went...like a sweaty, chubby machine.  Today I decided it was a good idea to take an easy day (which it was, at least pace-wise), so I loaded a couple of Kathy & Judy/WGN Radio podcasts to listen to.

Bad.  I love "The Girlfriends," but apparently that is only good for LSD runs on the road.  Today I was having a hard time managing an 11:30 pace...actually, I think my pace was officially 11:35 (50 minutes)...but it felt like 9:35.  My entire body felt like lead and I was struggling to keep up with the belt.  Everything was off-kilter.  At one point a side-ache even started-in a bit, which means my breathing was all out-of-whack.  What gives?

Today I had 5 miles on the schedule, but made it only 4.32.  I could not take another step.  I can run a marathon with a smile on my face (mostly), but put me on a moving belt and I have a difficult time making myself go for more than 30 minutes.  Please, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter...please give us a bit of a warm-up so that I can go back outdoors.  

Edit 1/18: A couple of nights ago Heather ran on the same treadmill I had my miserable run on and got off after maybe a half mile.  She also felt like she was dying on that machine.  We both felt like it was running a mile or two/minute faster than what the readout showed.  We even listened to it running...it sounded faster--the pitch was a higher frequency whine than the other machines we ran on at the same displayed pace.  So now I am thinking that my bad run was not ME, but the particular treadmill I was on.  I will avoid that one in the future.

Today would have been a great day had it been a bit warmer.  It was in the low teens.  I'm actually kind of regretting not going out.  It was sunny and not windy and I think my lame asthmatic lungs could have tolerated it for just 5 miles, I'm sure.  And 5 miles on the road is nothing...it's an easy run.  It would have flown-by.  On the treadmill everything is magnified.  A mile feels like 3.  No, 3 on the road feels better.  I don't even know how to compare the two.

For the next few days running outdoors is definitely out.  Windchills of -10 or lower.  Poo. :(

Humans weren't intended to run or bike on machines indoors in front of a TV with closed-captioning and no airflow.  It's not right.

I'm sure it didn't help that I didn't sleep well and had a stressful night and morning.  2 days ago I had an oil change (on "Dash," my most excellent little copper red '06 Mazda 3s hatchback *LOVE*).  Yesterday as I was pulling in the driveway after running errands my oil pressure light came on.  When DH came home he checked the oil and it wasn't registering on the dipstick.  He had to add 2 quarts to bring it to full.  Crap.

Last night he put a sheet under the car and by morning he estimated that a quart was on the sheet.  So I called the oil change place ready to rip heads off--my car is only 3 and just 4k miles out of warranty--yet still not paid-off.  Last night I was pretty much flipping-out over it.

The owner called me back as soon as he got in (around 8:30).  Super nice guy.  He was pretty much willing to bend over backwards to make it right.  So he came over and got under the car in the freezing cold, found the problem (the gasket around the oil filter cap was missing about 3"--needless to say he was pretty disgusted with the guy who had been working the pit, as that's definitely not something that could be easily missed), fixed it, and refilled the oil.

He openly offered to pay for any damage directly resulting from his shop's error.  So I called the nearest Mazda dealership an hour away to ask about a full engine check--explaining what had happened.  She said that the inspection would require removing the heads...pretty much opening the engine up...to the tune of $500-600.  She recommended that my best bet would be to get in writing that the oil change place would pay for any repairs, rather than an inspection that may not find any problem and would cost a fortune.

So I called the oil change place back and he wrote up a fair contract allowing 1k miles to make sure that everything is fine.  During the drive to and from the shop (5 minutes each way) my engine sounded as smooth and quiet as ever, so I think we dodged the bullet.

And I scored 3 free $10 premium car washes and a free oil change from the deal (not sure I would let them change my oil again...at least not unless I can arrange to have it done by the owner--I trust the guy...he seems salt-of-the-earth honest).

A funny: he felt bad about how oil-covered the undercarriage of my car was and told me to come down and let his guys give it a good spraying, but I didn't really see the point.  The car is coated in thick salt and other Winter road gunk.  The oil probably protects the underside of my car from salt corrosion! ;)

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  1. I may sound like an idiot, but I was having trouble on the treadmill last week. Turns out the one I was using was on an incline even though it was registering flat. This week, different treadmill, lower incline, much improved runs.

    One other type I read (haven't tried it yet) is to change treadmills about halfway through your run.

    I hope it gets better. Hang in there.