Fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can’t get fooled again.

Thanks, Dubya...now, buh bye! :D

Ok, as for the actual quote that he verbally bludgeoned, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”...I guess I only have myself to blame for the idiotic next 18 weeks.  Today is my official first day of training for marathon #2.  Today is not a running day (which is just as well, as it is still snowing...damned lake-effect crap--we are likely to hit record snowfall this year, as we are already well above average fall for the entire season), but tomorrow will hopefully be my first outdoor run in a week, thanks to the bitter cold--which has finally eased-up.  This evening I will be meeting a friend to go pump iron.  I think we will in the future refer to ourselves as Hans & Franz. ;)

Yesterday I managed an entire HOUR on a treadmill at the little fitness center.  It really wasn't so bad.  I think I do better with music AND something interesting on the TV, or conversation and good TV.  Yesterday I had tunes and was watching CNN's coverage Obama's journey by train from IL to DC.  I am getting more comfortable reading the closed-captioning while running (at first it made me feel off-balance), which really helps the time pass faster.

The night before I ran with Heather (the Hans of Hans & Franz) on the mills...we flipped channels and discovered Blazing Saddles on AMC, so we watched a bit of that and quoted lines before the closed-captioning would pop-up.  It was a bit of a game for us, so that was also a pretty good indoor run...with the added benefit of probably annoying every other person in the place--good times. :)

Last night we attended the 2nd annual "wine tasting" party with a group of friends (co-workers and former co-workers of the hubby).  7 hours of silliness, a board game, and lots of Wii.  The hour drive home took about 90 minutes due to icy back roads, but it sure helped ease the cabin fever that has developed over the past week.

Looking forward to warmer temps this week and perhaps 0 miles on the treadmill.  Last week 22 of my nearly 30 miles were indoor (and I logged my first 6-runs-in-a-row streak to make up for the lack of a long run this week).  Ick. :p

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  1. hi there :) thanks for the comments on my blog :) i couldn't agree with you more on the TM sentiments. it can be okay with a combo of good things to watch or listen to, but UGH. SO ready for summer!!

    i head to maui this thursday and will run the inaugural maui oceanfront half marathon this sunday! (of course there's a 26.2 as well, but i'm not there yet...)

    i HIGHLY recommend watching Spirit of the Marathon again...i cry *every* time and it has become habit to watch it the night before a big race. and yep, leah is *the* leah from the movie. pretty damn cool!

    keep runnin, keep bloggin, (love the layout!) and stay warm! i look forward to reading about your adventures on the road as well :)