Gah, they did it AGAIN!!!

My running "friends" are a bunch of damned enablers.  I think "Q" might be the worst of the bunch.  First he pressured me into committing to that insane Winter trail race in the park on 2/8 (he tried to get me to do it last year, too, but I was too in possession of my sanity at that point, apparently).  Last year he did the 10k as one of the only (maybe THE only?) runner in a sea of snowshoers.  They teased him as he post-holed along for a grueling 6.2 miles.  Luckily it appears that this year runners and walkers will only be able to register for the 5k and the 10k will be limited to those with snowshoes.  Phew.

As it turns out there is a 5k/10k road race in Fremont (about 45 minutes away) the previous day.  Q and other local friends are planning to run this race (Heather is planning to drive her SUV that seats 8, so now my driving-to-Fremont excuse is cut down, as well).  So Q has been mocking me and insinuating that I am a pansy by only planning to run the Sunday trail race when he is planning to do both (and also training for the same marathon, trail relay, and 15k that I will be this Spring and Summer...if he can do it, I have no excuse, right?).  Crap.  I will not be mocked...so, dumbass that I am, I will most likely do both races--10k road race on Saturday, 5k trail on Sunday.  These people owe me a few beers, I'd say.

Needless to say, that's going to be a busy weekend.  DS's 8th birthday is that Saturday, and we are planning to take him and a buddy to a hockey game either Friday or Saturday night, too.  I had considered doing the 5k on Saturday...but only if DS were interested in "running" it, but he has pretty much 0 interest.  Now, if he could do it on his bike...that would likely be a different scenario entirely.

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