The good, the bad, and the "gag me with a spoon" (/80s reference)

The good:
Today I had a fabulous 5 mile run with Heather...outdoors. Her first run outdoors in a couple of weeks (she rarely is able to get her runs in until after dark and with the snowbanks it's dangerous to not have anywhere to bail when cars aren't willing to give way...plus it's damned cold after dark in these parts).  It was windy, but just barely below freezing, so it felt "warm."  Plus we had a fair amount of clear pavement, so chose to leave the Yaktrax behind.  Great run.
The bad:
My previous 2 runs stunk.  2 days ago it was the 11 miler on an alternating mix of dry and snowy/icy roads.  After about 2.5 miles I took the Yaktrax off, but then I was stuck carrying them for the remainder of my run.  And I could have used them here and there, but it's too big a PITA to keep slapping them on, then popping them off a mile later.  Conditions like this are a real frustration.  Plus it was cold, windy, and dreary...and one of those runs where I found my groove for maybe 2 miles, then promptly lost it.  

Last night was a treadmill run.  It wasn't really bad, just uncomfortable and I felt off...and kind of queasy (kiddo was home yesterday due to vomiting a couple of times during the night, so maybe I had some of his bug).

The ugly:
I apparently still have oral thrush.  I had a day or two where I felt in the clear, so I had a burger with a yeast bun.  By the next morning it was back, only on my tongue more than my throat.  I took my last antibiotic Thurs. night, so I really hope that in a day or two things clear up, otherwise I will be in to see the doctor.  There are prescription anti-fungal meds...the only problem is that they don't always work, at least one is known to potentially cause liver damage, and as long as I am on an inhaled steroid drug I will be at risk for chronic problems...and as long as I am asthmatic I will require these meds in order to breathe (old school albuterol inhalers can also encourage thrush outbreaks).

I have been eating yogurt and popping probiotics like there's no tomorrow...and rinsing and gargling with apple cider vinegar (which makes for an acidic environment that yeast don't like), as well as brushing my teeth and tongue several times/day...to no avail.  Avoiding anything that feeds the yeast, which makes eating a remotely healthy diet difficult.  The sugar in fruits and veggies can encourage yeast growth, as can any source of carbohydrates...which I'm sure had a good deal to do with my bad long run.  Tough to run well on little-to-no carbs.

The only upside is that it's really easy to lose weight when one is not eating.  The thrush seems to be making my stomach feel not entirely happy about things and my appetite has been pretty shot.  I'd take a pound or two back to not have a tongue that feels like it's burning and numb simultaneously, though.  And it would be nice to go for a few weeks without feeling like I'm trading one health issue for another, too.  Once again my marathon training is not getting off on a very good foot (heh, dumb running humor). :p


  1. Yikes! Oral thrush...sounds pretty brutal. I hope it's out of your system soon.

    Still - you are a trooper for running through the tough Michigan winter plus not being 100%. It makes me feel that much worse for wimping out on my runs down here in Maryland...

  2. Yeah, but stuff in your lungs...you've had about the best excuse ever for not running as much as you'd like. That pretty much stops me in my tracks.

    Just wait until Summer. Then your weather will be godawful hot and humid and us northern types will be appalled by the stuff you folks can run in without thinking twice.