I am SO ready!

Ready to be done with this dumb respiratory gunk, ready for DH to be well (part of this is selfish...I have slept the last 3 or 4 nights only by virtue of Ambien and earplugs...but he has slept hardly at all--and sounds like the white Barry White...only less deceased), ready for DS to start back to school so I can resume a more regular running "schedule" and ready to get on with training for marathon #2 in late May. :D

Today I mostly bagged my long run and did 8 miles instead of my planned 10.5-11 (after 5 miles I realized that my lungs were just not up to another 5, yet, so cut back towards home).  My mileage last week was 20, this week was 18.5.  What a crappy way to end 2008 and begin 2009.  Oh well, at least I am still ahead of the 1500 mile pace bunny, though I would like to log 1750 miles...but the year is still very young and I have many months to get back on track.  For the next 2 weeks I hope to log ~30 miles/week, then starting on 1/18 I begin my 18 week marathon training regimen--woot! :)

Tomorrow I am planning to finally get in a workout at the little 24 hour fitness joint in town.  My MIL bought me a 2 month membership to get me through Feb., so I'm going to meet a friend there and we'll probably do 4-5 miles on the treadmills.  Looks like tomorrow will be good treadmill weather, too--cold, rainy, icy, windy.  Ick.  It'll be kinda weird to be bare-legged and armed, though.  I've never run on a treadmill, so that will be a new experience, as well.  Going with a friend should make it a bit less monotonous.


  1. lucky girl...I'd gladly run on the tread for you! let me know how you like the fitness club...i've tossed around the idea of looking at that little Snap Fitness here in SL.

    have fun!

  2. This place is the same concept. It's a really cool idea in this economy.

  3. Running 8 miles while sick is totally an accomplishment :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Thanks, girl! That's exactly what a friend of mine said to me on my Facebook page. It's still frustrating when I intend to do 30+ mile weeks and manage 2 in a row that are closer to 20. Poo.