Ice ≠ Nice

2 days ago we had an ice storm in these parts.  Today things are still icy, particularly on residential and secondary roads--where I run.  As a result I will be hitting the dreadmill with Heather in a couple of hours.  Gah.  

What really adds insult to injury is that it is not bitterly cold or windy and it is partly sunny...but the roads are too treacherous.  It's not the sort of surface that one can wear YakTrax on, either...those really require an inch or two of snow and/or frozen slush.  This thin glare ice would likely ruin the YakTrax and be very uncomfortable for running more than a mile or two.  And with no predicted above-freezing temps anywhere in the forecast the ice is not going anywhere (unless the county does the smart thing and dumps some necessary salt on more than just the intersections).

This is just so frustrating...the last 2 weeks my mileage was railroaded by holiday obligations, a snow day, and illness (which I am still dealing with...things seem to have progressed to sinus infection, which may mean I break down and see my PCP or the med center to remedy.  I know from past experience that this stuff will linger endlessly without a course of antibiotics to kill the bacterial sludge in my head).  Now something as simple and stupid as a thin coat of slick ice is preventing me from getting my OUTDOOR miles in.

Luckily we have snow in the forecast.  If we can get just an inch or two of that on top of the ice I can manage runs with YakTrax...I loathe the thought of doing a 2 hour long run on Friday on a treadmill even more than I loathe running that distance with YakTrax on (which is physically unpleasant, but I can deal with physical discomfort for 10-11 miles MUCH easier than I can mental ickyness for that time).


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get snow!

  2. The sheet metal screws in an old pair of trainers work like magic on the thin, slick icy conditions you were speaking of. Oughta give it a try. I ran in mine today.