I'd like some cheese with my whine

This is what we have to "look forward to" in the coming days...

Can I just say...yuck?!  Actually, that doesn't even show Friday (my planned 11 miler day)...I think Friday is supposed to be colder than Thursday.  Joy.  At least now they are only talking windchills of around -10º.  At one point they were talking 10-20 degrees colder than that.  Note the complete lack of sunshine?  Yeah...welcome to the west coast of MI (I believe last month we hit the record for cloudiest month ever...the land of SAD--it's enough to make a person want a Winter tanning package for UV rays and vitamin D).  So unfair that my folks and siblings on the other side of Lake MI see so much more snow all Winter long than we do.

So...it looks like I will be doing some dreadmill runs this week and pushing my long run back to Sat--when it is supposed to be back around 20.  I've done my runs in sub-zero temps and windchills.  While they are fun for HTFU points, I'm only good for 3-4 miles before I start worrying about frostbite and struggling with the cold/dry air on my lungs.  And, to be perfectly honest, I am sick to death of accumulating a half load of laundry every time I run.  Hi ho, hi ho...it's off to the heated (but boring as hell) fitness center I go....


  1. we've gotten more ice than snow, so i've done all of my runs either on the TM or the indoor track in the gym this winter. Granted, my runs are WAY shorter than yours, but still. My daughter just got me hooked on the show House, so I ran last night on the TM while watching an episode of it. It was actually not a bad run!

  2. I hope the weather stops sucking for you! Ick!

  3. Oh, Monnik...'House' is one of my very favorite shows. Few shows suck me in like that one does. Hugh Laurie is awesome!

  4. The forecast is burtal. Speaking of which, I best get out for a run NOW before the bottom drops out on the temps and I get blown away bu the blizzard-like winds that are coming. Then I have to head up to Detroit to do some inspections. Ugh. See ya!