New Balance 902 WR902 running shoe 8D 8 wide NIB *sniff* *cries*

It kills me to auction off that pretty neon blue pair of shoes...but after wearing out 3 pair and midway through 4 and 5 it became apparent that my right knee was just not having any more lightweight stability business and needed more control. So my 6th and only pair remaining in reserve have to find a new home. Any takers?

Luckily the next NB shoe up on the stability scale is working very well for me (particularly since I purchased the next half-size down and returned my original pair to RRS...NB has really tweaked their sizing in the past year...newer 7.5Ds fit like 8Ds used to...others have reported the same finding) in terms of fit and stability. I live in fear of the day that I can't find a NB model to work for me, as I have yet to find another brand that fits my foot as well. Saucony comes close, but their upper heel/achilles area comes up too high and in too far and eats my heel.

Had a decent strength training workout today, though I think I overdid it a bit on the back machine. I need to not make big weight increases like that in the future. Might be sleeping on the heating pad tonite.

I also found after my last gym workout that the abs machine there does NOTHING for me, regardless of how high I set the weight. So today and on Sunday I have been doing a couple of my Cathe Friedrich abs exercises using the stability ball. WOW, talk about DOMS since Sunday! Really makes me want to figure out a way to use my free weights and step (aka weight bench) at home, again (the biggest issue is storage of equipment...it has to be crammed into a corner, which means dragging it out pre-workout, then dragging it back in the corner when I'm finished). I definitely get a MUCH better workout doing the Cathe DVDs. Maybe I could do 1 day of work using my home DVD workouts and one day at the gym...something to think about. The big bonus of the gym is that I can work out with a friend, which is sometimes really nice.

Also, in continuation of my previous thread on people watching...or smelling...there has been a guy there the last couple times I've been there who is obviously bathing in some cheap-ass cologne or Axe body spray or something (one of those "guido" guys with the Under Armor shirt grunting through his workout and then walking a lap through the middle of the place between each set--gotta make sure everyone sees him, ya' know). Ick. I could still smell that rank crap in my nose by the time I got home. And my sense of smell has not even been particularly sensitive of late, thanks to sinus infection. So I REALLY feel sorry for the folks in there who weren't olfactory-impaired.

Tomorrow is my long run for the week...planning on 11 miles. Hoping that maybe I can find enough clear road to ditch the Yaktrax. They work well, but they are SO cumbersome...especially for more than 6-7 miles. I've been able to take them off for a few miles during some recent runs and my feet feel feather-light and my legs so much faster without those clunky things on.

MTA: My throat issues from earlier in the week are now MUCH better...no more white spots at all...no more pain, no more feeling like I have sand in my throat. Though much of today my stomach has been protesting and I've had a case of "bubble guts." I think my belly is telling me "lord, no...please, stop with the yogurt, already!" Seriously, though, yogurt and probiotics are good stuff. Tomorrow's my last day on antibiotics, so hopefully this is the last I see of the thrush outbreak for a while.

I will never again do a course of antibiotics without plenty of sources of probiotics used preventatively, that's for certain. I will also maybe start taking a probiotic supplement daily, and/or yogurt. Now that I know that the steroid medication seems to make me so prone to this garbage I'd like to avoid future issues.

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