Not for the faint of heart

Seriously...if nasty medical-related stuff grosses you out, then I recommend clicking away.

This is your last warning.

Turn around.  Avert your eyes.  Back away while you still can.

Ok, don't blame me, I warned you.  If you choose to read further you only have yourself to blame...

How to lose weight without really trying (TMI to follow):

Step 1: take daily inhaled steroid for asthma control
Step 2: go on antibiotics for a sinus infection
Step 3: develop a nasty case of oral thrush

Yep...ever since a few days after Christmas I have had an angry throat...with a few random white spots.  Never got any raging pain, so I figured it's not strep.  DH also had the store throat, but also had a horrible double tonsil infection.  Ended up on antibiotics and all was well.  Shortly after that my cold/throat gunk settled into my sinuses and showed no signs of leaving after nearly 3 weeks, so PA prescribed a 2 week course of antibiotics.  I figured "bonus...perhaps this will get rid of whatever it is that is nagging my throat."

A couple of days later my throat got way worse, instead of better...even after over a week on antibiotics.  Sunday night I had a lightbulb moment...steroids + antibiotics = yeast/thrush infection right where the steroids hit on the back/roof of my mouth (even though I thought I was rinsing my mouth well after each dose...apparently not.  Steroids or antibiotics alone can make one extra prone to yeast overgrowth...the combination pretty much sealed the deal).  I'm just thankful my mouth is the only place where I'm dealing with this. :p

Anyhow, apparently a common side-effect of thrush is lack of appetite.  No wonder...I constantly feel like gagging from the crap growin' in my upper throat.  I am living on plain yogurt (a good excuse to indulge in the heavenly whole milk stuff), now...avoiding white flour, sugar, beer *cries*, bread...anything that feeds the yeast.  I still have 2.5 more days on the antibiotics.  I can't wait to get my healthy bacteria levels back where they should be.  I'm also taking probiotic supplements (Bio Beads) as an added defense.

On the plus side, it doesn't really seem to be having any negative effect on my running, so that's good.  I actually feel better out in the cold air...seems to soothe my throat.  And the weight loss (4.5#s in '09) is sort of a bit of positive spin. :D

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