Out with the old, in with the NEW!

Normally this concept is reserved for the turning of the year, but we did that nearly 3 weeks ago.  In this event there are 4 scenarios that deserve the above title:
• president
• blog design
• weather
• running shoes (sorta)

Tomorrow marks the first day in office for our newly elected leader of the US.  Never before in my adult life (4 elections) have I been so excited to witness the inauguration day ceremony.  I think it's especially fitting that President Obama will take his place in the White House only the day after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  They both bring people hope.  Even decades after his assassination Mr. King is an inspiration.  My favorite line from his "I have a dream" speech is "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."  After Barack Obama was announced president elect I felt as if we were a bit closer to that dream being realized.  Tomorrow may well be the most historically significant day of my life.

In other new things...I decided to give my blog a mini facelift.  Last time I renovated this place was immediately after I ran my first marathon last Oct.  Today marked my first run of training for marathon #2.  Seemed like a good excuse to revamp things.  Plus I am craving the sight of green.  It's the dead of Winter and there is little green to be seen--even the evergreens are pretty coated in white snow.  While pretty, it's not colorful.  I like color.  A lot.

Speaking of snow and wintery weather, our brutal cold snap finally, well, snapped.  Today was beautiful...mid 20s, light breeze, full sun.  I had a really nice run, though I believe the question of what has been bothering my knees has been answered.  After nearly a week of running on the treadmill my right knee was all-but-healed.  Today it is cranky, again.  The snow was mostly packed and flat, but is still far less stable than dry asphalt--even with Yaktrax traction devices on my shoes.  I blame the twisting that seems to prevent my kneecap from tracking ideally.  Hopefully things will be better in a couple of months.  In the meantime I may resort to doing 1-2 of my shorter runs/week on the treadmill to simply give my knees a break--at least when roads are particularly snow/icy.

Last item on the agenda: shoes.  I think my suspicion when I received my current pair of shoes (New Balance 769) is correct--they are a tad longer than necessary (I have more than a thumb's width beyond my big toe and almost as much beyond my second and longer toe).  This isn't cause for blisters or chafing, but I definitely feel like my toes have to work harder to keep the shoes on my feet.  I had this issue with a pair of shoes last Spring (same size I'd been wearing in the previous version of the shoe.  The particular shoe in question is also the same size as what I have worn in 2 previous versions).  When I went down a half size the fit was much better.

Luckily Road Runner Sports offers 60 days for returns, no questions asked.  I ordered the same shoe a half size smaller from Running Warehouse (they had the best price and in-stock...RRS is out) and when RRS has the shoe back in the size I need I will exchange the current pair (with 100 miles) for the smaller ones if the pair from RW works, which I am almost certain they will.


  1. The blog facelift: I like it. The last one gave me a bit of a headache with all the colors and lines.

    And yes, today is a good day.

  2. Well, shucks...I live to cause you pain, you know!


    I am giddy. I have the TV tuner on through did's computer behind me. Once the actual ceremonial stuff starts I will be heading into the living room to watch the inauguration on the 46" HD set. This is such a momentous day. I really hope DS's school is having the kids watch at least part of this.

  3. Green is good. I like green. Black is good, too. Though I am a conservative (I know, surprise! Say it isn't so!), I am tickled that we have finally elected a black president and will support him as I did our former president. I can't stinkin wait till May! Bayshore is going to be a blast! And, Culver's RAWKS!

  4. Rick, how 'bout Culver's for race eve supper?

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  6. I couldn't agree more. I was streaming it at work and it was a an incredible day!