*sings* Who are the people in your neighborhood (gym)?

Am I the only one who finds people watching at the gym sort of fascinating?  The little 24/7 fitness center in our community is pretty much a constant source of amusement for me, at least when I'm not wussing-out and running on the dreadmill...then all I get to witness is whatever is on the TV in front of me...or the wall, or maybe out the window if I am lucky enough to get the 'mill furthest on the left.  But when I'm there to use the Cybex equipment I am afforded a much better opportunity to people-watch.  

There is the guy who works out in tight jeans and an equally tight white t-shirt.  Muscle-bound and vaguely angry-looking with a hairstyle that always has me wanting to say aloud "hey, the 80s called...they want their mullet back."

Then there are always an assortment of middle-aged folk who I'm glad to see getting their workout on, but cripes, learn to use the equipment properly.  My biggest gripe is the ones who do 10 reps as fast as they can, then move to the next machine, 10 reps, etc.  Frequently this includes weight stacks slamming up and down loudly and the pulley mechanism jumping out of the proper track.  Eventually this will likely lead to machines being damaged and needing repair/replacement (one machine I was on had obviously suffered from this sort of thing and was nearly unusable...it no longer had smooth pulley function).  It also makes a lot of racket that drives me nuts.

And there are the women who come in, exercise for a max of 15 minutes, then spend the rest of the time socializing and drinking Powerade while sitting on the machines--oblivious to those who are waiting to actually USE them (Heather and I have been known to gab away, but not while monopolizing any machines).  While they chat their kids play on the treadmills...again, while others are wanting to simply get in, get their workout done, and get out with minimal interruptions.

I've only been using this little gym for a few weeks, but I'm already looking forward to the "resolution" people getting bored.  I had a couple brief minutes when I first got there today when I was the only person in the place.  That was really nice.  I liked the quiet.

There are a few regulars who I see quite often.  They know proper gym etiquette, how to use the machines correctly, and go about their workout without causing any undue annoyance to other exercisers.  I hope these are the ones still around in a month or two.


  1. I am a huge people watcher too. I was shocked that a middle aged woman did her entire workout (which consisted of several walks around the indoor track, the elliptical, and stairmaster) in brown corduroys and a sweater vest. ??!

    The resolution folk are already dwindling at my gym, thank God. Last night it was fairly empty.

  2. I don't quite understand either. Why do people wear sweaters and such inside, long pants, or even jeans...gosh...

  3. Eric, I just saw that today...a woman wearing HEAVY sweats and a sweatshirt on a treadmill. Granted, she was walking at an easy pace, but even then I would be too warm. They keep it 65º in the gym which is not terribly cold. That ensemble would be too warm for anything much over 45º, I'd think.

    Perhaps it's like those plastic sweat suits that people wear to lose weight. They're really only losing water weight, but for those who let the scale rule that # might be very meaningful. I sweat like a horse even in lightweight attire.


  4. crap at 65 I could be in a parka and not work up a sweat :) but I have temp issues so ya know.. but the 80's flash back guy sounds fun.. wonder if he's single? harhar