8 Years Anniversary

Today is my kid's 8th birthday.  It's been a fun weekend of celebration.  Last night we took him and a buddy to a hockey game...our team (Muskegon Lumberjacks) lost 6-5, BUT this was after 5 minutes of overtime and a shoot out.  Great game.

Our seats were right on the ice and several times players came flying into the glass inches from our faces, which really gave the boys a good charge, as did the fight early in the game that left one player with 16 minutes of time-out.  By the end of the game the boys were cheering for more fights. ;)

Dane's best friend is like a taller version of Dane (tallest kid in the class and just as goofy as Dane).  Only Dane eats relatively bird-like and Eric is like a bottomless pit.  It was truly astounding and amusing to see how much he could eat and still be hungry (2 slices of pizza, an entire bucket of popcorn, half a bag of cotton candy, some of my cinnamon almonds and 2 pops).  He has an older brother and 2 younger sisters, so I imagine their grocery costs are pretty significant.  Perhaps we should be thankful that Dane is a picky eater without a big appetite. :D

Today we had GORGEOUS weather for Dane's actual birthday.  I baked his cake around noon, got out for a run, then late afternoon Dane's grandma Dykstra came over and we decorated the cake (yellow/chocolate marble with chocolate frosting, sprinkles, and conversation hearts--very festive).  Birthday dinner consisted of Little Caesar's pizza and breadsticks, spinach salad, and cake.  Oof, I am stuffed.

I figure it's carb loading for my 5k trail race tomorrow...though one doesn't REALLY need to carb load for anything so short--still a good excuse for pizza.  And after the race I'll likely be hitting a nearby pub for beer and early lunch with friends...you know, to replenish those lost carbs. :p

Today I had a WONDERFUL 3 mile "easy" run.  Though it was difficult to run easy.  I was at least a half minute/mile faster than I had intended to be, but it was just too tough to keep the pace slow with mostly clear roads, sunshine, blue sky, and temps in the 40s.  Such a treat.  

Overnight it will get below freezing, again, so I'm debating which shoe to wear for the race.  My trail shoes would be ideal if it is still sticky, sloppy snow...but if it gets icy/crusty then they are godawful.  I'd be better off with my road shoes and Yaktrax.  So I will likely wear the Gore-Tex trails and bring the road shoes and Yaktrax when I see how conditions are at the park where the race is to be held.

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