Big fat nothing

This is what I have on the agenda for today.  My back is still bothering me some.  Today would otherwise be a gym/cross-training day, but I have a feeling that my gym workout (specifically overdoing it on the back machine) 6 days ago was the cause of my lower back issues, so I'm treating today as a full rest day.  My runs since my back pain set in have been pretty uncomfortable, though they do offer relief for the remainder of the day after I return and stretch.  But I am still waking with quite a bit of stiffness and the moderate pain is waking me each time I roll over in bed.

But the back is slowly feeling a bit better each day, so hopefully taking it easy today goes a long way towards full healing.  Spending time on my Homedics™ shiatsu chair pad and having hubby use the percussion massager on my lower back should also help.  Beating the affected muscles into submission really seems to remind them who's boss. ;)

The "fat" part...that would be result of this week's eating.  I am 99.9% certain that I will not see weight loss this week and 99.9% certain that I will see gain (tomorrow is weekly weigh-in on the RunningAHEAD.com's "Jiggy Joggers" group).  This is what happens when one celebrates one's birthday AND Valentine's day over the course of 3 days.  The latter half of this past week included too much birthday cake, too much chocolate, too much wine, too much buttered popcorn, and more "too much chocolate."  The second half of February needs to have emphasis on healthy foods (more fruits/veggies, less sweets) and enough caloric deficit to net me .5# - 1# losses each week.  

My marathon training mileage increases should help with the weight loss, as well.  I have officially marked off 4 weeks of training...14 to go until race day.


  1. Does you insurance cover chiropractic? It really can help some peeps significantly. Has me, at least my upper back and left shoulder, not so much my lower back though, but I will take whatever relief I can get! Hope you feel better soon and, Happy Birthday, again... now... step away from the cake and chocolates! ;)

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today. I am a 37 almost 38 mother of 2, marathon runner, etc..
    Good luck with your back..rest is always good.