3 paczkis later and I cannot eat any more.  I had 1 Boston Cream, one Bavarian cream with white frosting and one glazed raspberry jelly.  I don't feel sick, but I have no urge to eat a 4th.  Thank heavens for that 14 miler I ran today--perhaps I will break even on the calories ingested vs. those burned.

The run stunk.  I definitely DESERVED those delectable pastries.  I decided to run with the stock insoles, instead of my usual Superfeet orthotics.  Bad idea.  I was fine for about the first 7 miles, but then my right knee started to talk.  I thought maybe the orthotics were responsible for my subtle peroneal tendonitis pain...and perhaps they are a contributer, but I think the primary cause of that issue is shoes that are inflexible from the cold.  Hopefully warmer weather will arrive very soon, as I don't think my knee can tolerate forgoing the extra medial support of the insoles.

Another factor responsible for my crappy run was the wind.  The air temp was actually right around freezing, but the wind chill knocked it down an extra 10º and sucking the warmth and flexibility right out of my quad muscles.  The combo of stiff quads, cranky knee, and a lower back that is still a little sore and tight just made me want to throw in the towel, but I already postponed this run from 4 days ago...so I couldn't push it off any longer.  I have a 16 miler in a week to recover for.

Less than 2 miles into my run I "ran into" my friend Joni and her hubby out for a run.  We both agreed that an end to this seemingly endless Winter has to be in sight.  The days are getting longer and we're getting more and more days with temps above freezing.  Unfortunately they are alternating with some very Arctic and snowy days, so we just have to be patient and looking at the calendar...just a few more weeks until it's officially Spring.  Just a few more weeks until my official 3 year anniversary of undertaking this crazy running thing.  3 years ago I would never have, under any circumstances, have imagined myself training for a 2nd marathon--much less having already finished one.  The insanity continues... ;)


  1. I was contenting myself with the thought that the nearest paczkis were up in Milwaukee, until the hubby came home from the grocery and told me that they had them there. Now I'm convincing myself that all they have at the grocery is prune. ;-)

    Ooh, inflexible shoes. That's as good a reason as any...I'll be curious to see if things improve in the spring!

  2. Ooooohhh my gosh those sound heavenly. I am dying of jealousy. Have I mentioned my insane sweet tooth and love for junk food? :)

    I am so sorry you are suffering so much this winter. I have no idea how you do it!

  3. You go girl. I can't imagine training in that kind of weather. I'm spoiled here if it rains, I don't run!