That is the only word that truly sums-up today's 6 miler.

Today was supposed to be my XT/gym/weights day, but my friend Joni happened to mention how "warm" it was outside (all things being relative--it was above freezing, which is downright balmy compared to what we have been dealt for the past month solid), so I decided to switch today's workout for tomorrow's, even though I ran the past 3 days.  Legs and knees felt strong and rested, so GAME ON!

Got out the door around 1:30 (just after hubby returned from his bike ride) and a mile into my run I see none other than Joni, herself!  So we ran the next 4.5 miles together and I bid her adieu about a half mile from my front door as she continued on to return to her car.

We had such a fabulous run.  Easy pace, sunshine, light wind, minimal traffic.  So nice to chat and share a run with a friend on mostly clear roads.  A true treat today's run was and so well deserved after this month of snow, bitter cold, and ice on a few quieter roads from a month ago that has yet to melt due to continuous sub-freezing temps.

February is already starting off on a much better note than January.  I really hope this continues.  I have my first race of '09 planned for a week from today and so far the forecast looks super favorable.  I can't wait!

We finished off the lovely day at a Super Bowl party with friends.  So much excellent food.  I didn't feel the least bit guilty overindulging, as it is nice to be getting my appetite back and I have lost at least a pound for every monday weigh-in this year.  If I have to plateau this week I'm OK with it.

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  1. I was lovin' the weather yesterday too! It felt so good to have sun beating on my face while running! Other than dodging slush puddles here and there, it was a great gift for us mid-western runners! ;-)