It was overdue

I had a REALLY nice run today. The rest of my runs this week have been mostly crappy, so this one was much appreciated.

The crap can be attributed to several things...including 1 treadmill run, 1 14 miler where I thought maybe I could go without my Superfeet orthotics (I can't...my right knee started telling me so by the halfway point), and a couple of bad runs with a brand new pair of Superfeet insoles--same model and size I have been wearing, but it seems like new pairs still need to be broken-in a little. Today was my 3rd run in them and they felt fabulous.

That was another surprise. I probably have 600 or so miles on my original pair of Superfeet "berry" insoles and didn't realize how compressed the cushion has become until I put a brand new pair in my shoes. It makes the shoes feel about a half size smaller...well, not so much shorter, mostly they feel narrower. But they also feel much cushier. The experts say Superfeet last at least 1000 miles. And the plastic orthotic device is definitely still like new, but I'm probably going to relegate the original pair to trail shoes when I order my next pair of road shoes (the shoes I currently have them in will be ready for retirement in about 200 miles). I don't need the cushion on trails, so I won't miss it.

Today's run marked the end of week 6 (of 18) of training for marathon #2. I can't believe how much better training is going this time around. It helps that this time I didn't start injured. I started having knee issues only 2-3 weeks before beginning training for my first marathon and the issues didn't start to resolve until about halfway through training (ie when I purchased that first pair of Superfeet insoles).

Next week my training is going to be really shifted around and I may end up having to cut a 4 mile run out...or do it at the fitness center on the treadmill (which will really stink, as the weather looks to be pretty decent in the coming week), since DS will be home. He has conferences the latter part of the week. We're planning a mini trip up to Traverse City to spend a night at the Great Wolf Lodge up there (hubby can get discounted rates through his work). Shhh...don't tell my kid. It's a surprise.

Next week I am also expecting a new Cathe Friedrich DVD. It's her Boot Camp/Muscle Endurance workouts video. I'm prepared to hurt and these will be good cross-training workouts for running. I really need to strengthen my core and upper body. Plus I just never feel like I get any stronger working on the machines at the fitness center. They force such a limited use of muscle groups with each exercise. When I've done Cathe's workouts in the past I have MAJOR DOMS the next day...and usually for several days after that. The only thing the Cybex machines have gotten me is a sore back. I MUCH prefer free weights and the ability to work more muscle groups effectively.

Plus I'm tired of the smelly people at the gym. There's the one guy who dumps on the cologne and the other guy who smells like he only bathes once/week...it always seems like at least one of them is there when I am, regardless of what time I go. I find that I can't put much effort into a workout when I'm trying to avoid retching.


  1. I'm with you on the free weights...some machines are 'ok' for certain aspects of strength training, but I'm seeing better (and faster) results using dumbells and of course, my own body weight ha ha. This week after doing a 30 Day Shred workout, my right bicep was hurting for almost 4 days! I thought I injured it, but my left was very sore too, but not as bad. (My baby carrying arm ha ha - always stronger!)

    I too get some serious DOMS only after free weights. The only machines I use are the abductor/adductor and the seated leg press.

    Keep up the great training!

  2. Very cool. Have never heard of Cathe DVD's. And, I quit the gym a few months ago cause a couple of k-bells, MB ball and a jump rope is all I need for a great workout.

    Also, never heard of Superfeet Insoles. I need to check those out too!

  3. Cyndi, I like the same machines you like. Especially the leg press...I love how strong my legs are.


    Rachel, Superfeet insoles are great OTC orthotics if you need extra stability and they fit your foot well. Some people don't care for them and find them to be very controlling, but there are a lot of people like me who swear by them.

    Cathe Friedrich is the woman who popularized step workouts. She still does step stuff, but I prefer her other workouts. She has some really good kickboxing and general weight workouts. Very challenging stuff.