Love Cycling...Hate Cancer?

Well, who doesn't hate cancer?  But even if you're not a fan of cycling (or Lance Armstrong...I have my own ambivalent feelings about the guy, myself--especially after his New York Marathon special treatment a few years back), the Lance Armstrong Foundation has done more than just outfit millions with yellow silicone bracelets.

So if you'd like to throw some money towards more research for cancer cures, dig deep and help our West MI JDRF team in their fundraising efforts.  This is the same group of folks who are regularly seen putting blood, sweat, and tears into helping find a cure for type 1 (aka juvenile) diabetes.  They'd greatly appreciate help supporting this cause, as well.

Today the weather turned back to a Winter not-so-wonderland.  So I hit the treadmill at the gym for my 4 miler.  Tomorrow I had a 14 miler in the plan, but 14 miles on several inches of snow (and windchill in the single digits) would mean Yaktrax...and the furthest I have run with those on is 11 miles...and that's tough with the added weight.  So I'm swapping next week's scale-back 10 miler in and doing my 14 miler on Monday when the weather is supposed to be vastly improved (if one can call high of 30 an improvement...which it should be, since the sun is supposed to show itself, too).  Saturday I will retain my planned 7 miler--hopefully with my running buddy, Heather.

I also received my new Burton coat...it's VERY nice!  Definitely cut for a less curvy female, though, so I'm glad I went with the large.  The proportions are more "junior," in that the difference between waist and bust is less defined.  The medium would definitely not have zipped over my ample womanly bosom.  It's fairly generous through the hips, though, as I don't have very large hips (thighs are another story--I am all sprinter in build from the waist-down).  It's quite stylish and more tailored than my previous Columbia ski jacket, though I wouldn't go so far as to say it's slimming.  It still has all the bulk of a warm winter parka--and that "teddy bear fur" lining is to die for.  So fuzzy and soft.  I think it will be very warm.  The outer fabric is a very heavy nylon type material.

The sleeves on the coat are very long--a lot like a leather cycling jacket, which is sort of the style I think Burton was going for (from a few feet away and in sort of low light hubby actually thought it was leather).  I don't have long arms, but I do like a jacket with longer sleeves, since I'm not really a fan of wearing gloves, especially in the car.  And it has TONS of pockets.  I'm sure I will constantly be taking the coat out of the closet in the Fall and finding money...I LOVE that.   It's like hitting a mini lottery win every year! :D

And I listed some stuff on eBay.  Know anyone who needs a ginormous camera backpack, Champion sports bras, or Barbie pink purse? :p

Tomorrow my new pair of NB 769s should arrive.  I had to return the previous pair, since they were too long.  So I'll have 2 pair in different colors for rotation--woot!

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