Today roughly marks 3 years since I started running (first day of Spring, 2006). Back then my sole goal was to drop my last 15-20#s (which are still clinging to my ass for dear life, unfortunately. *sigh*) and complete a 5k race or two. Here I am midway through training for marathon #2.

Life is kind of crazy that way. 3 years ago if anyone had told me that not only would I still be running, but I would already have a marathon under my belt AND be willingly subjecting myself to another one I would have asked them to share their amazing hallucinogenic drugs. ;)

To mark the occasion I "ran" (and walked a bit) 12 miles...all 12 miles I was grumbling to myself "what the hell am I thinking...? Why am I doing this? This sucks donkey balls!" My 17 miler 6 days ago was a breeze compared to today's run.

I had an inkling that today's run would be rough. The last few days I have felt especially exhausted and yesterday had a pretty difficult 9 miler at marathon pace (not a pace that should have kicked my butt the way it did). Today I almost literally dragged myself out the door and from the first few steps I knew I was in for a couple of hours of misery.

I think the erratic weather and my allergies are not helping, but also my Cathe Friedrich cross-training workouts are not really allowing me the rest time I apparently need. So I think I will stick to nothing more than ab work for XT until after next weekend's 15k race. This week is supposed to be a scale-back week and I am feeling more unrested than ever. Next week will mark my highest mileage week ever...and since it finishes with a pretty brutal race I'm really hoping that cutting most of the cross-training will help me recover better.

My right knee is also giving me random issues (again). I'm stuck in a pretty difficult spot. I seem to require a shoe with a LOT of forefoot flexibility to prevent peroneal tendonitis issues, but even with Superfeet insoles I'm not being afforded the level of stability I need to keep my right knee from crabbing in that sort of minimal footwear. So rotating my shoes is definitely a must. Some days I will keep the knees happy, other days the feet. Eventually prescription orthotics will be in order, methinks. I just dread the whole breaking-in process with those.

To celebrate my 3 year runniversary I think I will be scrounging in the fridge for whatever beers are strewn about (I know there's at least one Bell's and maybe a random Leinie's, too) and maybe even treat myself to a white russian...(inspired in part by Sun Runner's recent thread referencing "The Dude").

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