D'oh! Whose bright idea was this...?

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks the new iPod Shuffle is lame-o (this Macworld.com reviewer is also not bowled-over). I'm really hoping they come back with the "matchbook" sized Shuffle again and call it the Shuffle Classic, or something. I can't see how this new one will do well. Most of the time when Apple comes out with something new it is received with lots of oohs and aahs, especially from those of us who already are drinking the Apple Kool-Aid, but there is no way I would pay $80 for a Shuffle when I would end up having to buy an adaptor to use my existing 3rd party headphones and be able to actually control the device.

And is that little track/artist announcement going to be something that can be shut off? I can't imagine it announcing each track on an audiobook (which is fast becoming my favorite genre of digital entertainment while on runs of more than 90 minutes) with 20 tracks for each hour of audio.

Plus...if I wanted 4GB of memory I'd go back to my Nano. 4gigs on a Shuffle just seems moronic for something that has no choice of multiple playlists. In my estimation, the majority of people who buy the Shuffle do so to have something simple and small to use while exercising. I can't imagine using the controls on this new one while wearing gloves on a Winter run. At least with the one I have I can feel the ridges of the control circle thingy and generally it's easy to control even with a midweight glove on.

Furthermore (doesn't every rant need that word?) I can actually SEE the controls on my current Shuffle while wearing it, as it's either clipped to my waist or to the wrist of long-sleeved tops. I can't imagine that operating the new Shuffle is simplified by having the controls hanging on the cord of the headphones. No protection from rain or sweat on the headphone cord, either. I predict lots of runners battling shorted-out devices. I also predict that Apple will be logging this "innovation" as a FAIL within the next 6 months.

Bad Apple...BAD!


  1. Thanks for reminding me not to upgrade my IPOD to a shuffle. I promise to not buy it.

  2. You mean...Apple is not the Second Coming? Say it isn't so!

    I'll just stick with my nano (second generation) and the venerable iPhone. The front pocket of my Sugoi Firewall jacket is the perfect size for My Preciousssss.

  3. Man, I can't imagine running with the iPhone. My Nano is a 2nd gen. and I switched to the Shuffle because I found the Nano in a waist-clip case to be too cumbersome and chafe-prone. Can't stand the arm bands, either. I have the smallest cell phone I could find, too (Samsung Juke), for the same reason.

    But this new Shuffle has gone too far...seriously, what's next--a paper-clip? I really thought Apple perfected it as it was. They could have continued to come out with new colors and I think people would have been perfectly satisfied with that. I don't know anyone salivating over the new one, which is rare for a new Apple/iPod product.

    Of course, my MIL still doesn't get why the Shuffle doesn't have a radio, but she misses the point entirely--a radio would require a screen, which would pretty much make it a Nano.