(delayed onset muscle soreness) I do! This is not at all surprising. Yesterday was my first Cathe workout in...hmmm...probably a year or so. I can't get decent DOMS using the machines at the gym, but even a relatively low weight, high rep workout like the Muscle Endurance one I did yesterday makes for some tight, achey muscles. Yay! Though this did make for a stiff, slow 8 miler today. I'm looking forward to the metabolism boost that increasing my muscle mass will produce, as well as the lean lines--once my current overabundance of body fat starts to shrink away, of course.

Today's run was otherwise really nice. Sunny, light breeze, above freezing temps. I did make the mistake of choosing a route that takes me over a mile of sandy back road--a road which was under water in spots and sloppy squishy for the remainder. At one point I had to run up onto the snowbanked side to avoid running IN a few inches of cold, muddy water. Whoohoo, Spring!

The best part is looking at the forecast for the rest of the week...it's not predicted to be super warm, or anything, but there are no blasted snowflake icons anywhere to be seen--and plenty of Sun. Sun is something we don't see much of around these parts from about November through February. In face, the West MI coastline is on-par with Seattle for cloudy days...only Seattle has good coffee. I think I would be better equipped to handle the clouds if I had superior sources of caffeine.

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  1. We're pretty cloudy in winter here in Iowa too. It's depressing!

    Yay that you have no snowflake icons in your weather forecast!!