Here we go again...finicky feet & legs

Yesterday's 17 miler was under gorgeous blue skies with minimal wind...just a little cool, but really nice weather for running, for the most part. I had a decent run, though not without some "issues."

Lately I have been noticing the mild return of peroneal tendonitis issues that started up for me about 2 years ago. I battled those problems for probably 6 months before I almost accidentally discovered the solution--a shoe with a more flexible forefoot. What cured the problem was deciding on a whim to pick up a pair of New Balance 902s--NB's performance trainer with mild stability. I figured they would be good to rotate for shorter, faster runs and races...5ks, 10ks, etc. Eventually I found that I liked the shoe so much that I was gravitating towards it for all of my runs. And that my peroneal tendon on my right foot stopped complaining...eventually it went silent. I nervously ran my 3rd half-marathon in the shoe and it was perfect.

I wore this model all through that following Winter and training for and racing a 25k last Spring. I still was in love with the shoe. Then 2 weeks after the race my right knee developed "runner's knee" issues almost overnight. The only thing that seemed to help the knee was a more stable shoe, but almost instantly the right PT began to twinge. Ugh. This is where I tried the Superfeet insoles in the 902s in a last ditch attempt to placate my knee...and it worked! By this time I was halfway through training for marathon #1. On race day the knee felt pretty great, but it was always a little troublesome for the duration of training.

The shoe I had been in when the PT issues first reared was the NB 767. I had worn through 4 pair of this shoe before encountering any problems. When NB announced the 769 I was hopeful...it was billed as lighter weight, softer, and more flexible in the forefoot than the 767 had been--this was exactly what I needed.

So right around Christmas I got my hands on a pair. I really liked them. A beefier, stiffer shoe than the 902, but not so much as the 767 had been. After putting ~150 miles on the first pair I ordered a second to throw into rotation. And, dammit...after putting about 50 miles on pair #2 I am finding that they are still too much shoe. Crap.

I still have 2 pair of 902s that I should be able to squeeze 100 or so miles out of--each, but I am kicking myself for selling that pair I still had in a box. I have a feeling I will be wearing a 90x series shoe for my second marathon, too (since I still have 10 weeks of training and will exhaust the 2 pair of 902s I have I may be looking into the new 904...I have my doubts that it will fit as dreamily as the 902 did, unfortunately--that shoe felt as if it had been built from a mold of my duck feet). Apparently I am destined to be the slow, chubby girl who wears fast, skinny girl shoes.

And this Fall--after race season is over--I think I will be pursuing prescription orthotics. I really like my "berry" Superfeet, but a generic orthotic is likely not addressing my specific issues as well as something custom made for me would.

This week's weather is going to be primarily of the gorgeous running Nirvana variety. YES!!! I just hope that 15k race in 2 weeks has such nice conditions. Last year the race was held on beautiful backroads...the morning after Mother Nature doled-out 6" of heavy concrete snow. I don't want any reason to wear Yaktrax again this season!


  1. I'm feeling your tendinitis pain. Do they make a pair of 902's that will fit my legs? :)

  2. Well, they're up to the 904, now, but if you only need mild stability I can't recommend the 90X series enough. I am really mad at myself for selling my last new pair in storage. I have a sneaking suspicion that I could have used them.

    Where is your tendonitis? Also on the outside of the foot? I know I've read elsewhere where folks found that the only thing that rid them of that problem was finding a shoe with a more flexible forefoot. I stumbled upon the solution sort of by accident.

  3. Mine is in my legs, on the inside right where the tendon attaches to the tibia just below my calf. Unfortunately shoes aren't going to help me as much as you so I'm sticking with rest and prednisone.

    Hey at least you're worrying about shoes now instead of snow!